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Larry Ohlhauser, Life Balance Speaker

Larry Ohlhauser

    Works with Executives and CEOs Worldwide

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$5,000 - $7,500

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The Healthy CEO

The Healthy CEO

Dr. Larry Ohlhauser Speech Video

Dr. Larry Ohlhauser Speech Video

Our culture pushes the mantra, "You can have it all!" Yet, for many, "having it all" costs them dearly through debilitating stress, failing health, unbalanced lifestyles, suffering relationships, anxiety over finances and overall disappointment with quality of life."   Through compelling and often humorous stories that everyone can relate to, Dr. Ohlhauser engages and challenges each participant to examine their own life and make changes now to avoid serious consequences later.  Having thwarted an impending heart attack himself, Dr. Ohlhauser knows what it takes to make change and he motivates others to take responsibility for their own health.   His no-nonsense, holistic approach is refreshing  and the plan of action he shares with his audience is achievable and sustainable. 

The statistics are telling us a chilling story that denial won't solve.  According to the World Health Organization, the U.S. is the world's fattest nation with over half of adults overweight or obese.  But China and India are growing fatter at a faster pace and their populations dwarf North America.  By 2015, the number of overweight and obese adults in China and India will grow by 66 percent and 44 percent respectively.  Chronic disease is expected to increase in India from 40 percent in 1990 to over 67% by 2020.  But there is hope, and Dr. Ohlhauser shows everyone how to find it, act on it, and take responsibility for their own health and wellness.   Dr. Ohlhauser gently but firmly guides participants through a process by which they learn to assess their current levels of physical and mental fitness,  and develop a plan for change.  

And Dr. Ohlhauser doesn't stop there.  As an M.D. advocate for workplace wellness, "Dr. O" as he is known around his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, delivers the straight goods about the benefits of adopting wellness programs in the workplace, to CEOs, small business owners and managers.  Corporate wellness is no longer an "option" or "perk" - it is a commitment that shatters the illusion that our work lives and personal lives are severable.  It is also a commitment that can bring huge rewards to employers in the form of an increased bottom line with an average ROI (Return on Investment) of 5% or more within a short period of time.  When corporations commit to getting involved in employees health, through preventative programs and practices that address nutrition, fitness, mental health and childcare, they can double that number and see their savings soar.   CEOs know culture eats policy for breakfast and undeniably, it is a workplace culture that incorporates a healthy work/life balance that attracts and retains the best employees time and time again.

Dr. Ohlhauser is a man who infuses life with energy and passion and walks the talk everyday.  He was recently named one of the top 100 physicians of the century by the College of Physicians and Surgeons and the Alberta Medical Association.  He was named the top Canadian TEC speaker for 2007. He consults for major multinational corporations and government organizations.  He is author of the book, The Healthy CEO, and he urges everyone to slow down and "Become the CEO of their own health."  Dr. Ohlhauser appears weekly on Edmonton's local breakfast television program as well as CBC Radio.

The President of Ohlhauser & Associates, Dr. Larry Ohlhauser, is recognized internationally for speaking on various health and strategy-related topics. He is renowned for his direct, cut-to-the-chase approach and ability to clearly articulate challenging concepts in a way that varied audiences understand, enjoy and desire to implement. 

Dr. Ohlhauser is passionate about improving healthcare management and organizational performance. His speaking topics include healthcare management, medical delivery, change management and personal health and wellness. 

Combining proven strategic methods in business with leading literature on health and wellness, Dr. Ohlhauser has developed a new program called The Healthy CEO that provides executives and CEOs with a unique set of tools and methodologies to manage their wellness.

The Healthy CEO

Executives and leaders in every industry are improving their personal and professional lives, those of their employees — and their bottom line — with help from Dr. Ohlhauser and his no nonsense approach to finding optimal health and work life balance. An expert in corporate health and wellness, Dr. Ohlhauser is a physician, consultant and motivational speaker who specializes in helping organizations identify and address the real issues related to employee absenteeism, loss of productivity and conflict.

Dr. Ohlhauser has motivated audiences worldwide with his passionate approach to well being and his opposition to the current practice of writing prescriptions for all that ails us. Based on his popular book, The Healthy CEO , Dr. Ohlhauser delivers powerful, interactive, fact filled and personal messages to executives and employees from all walks of life to help them take control of their physical, relational and financial health. Discover custom solutions for you and your business with Dr. Ohlhauser's wellness and self-development programs.

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