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Karen Susman

Karen Susman

    • Helps Professionals Maximize their Performance and the Quality of their Lives
    • Communications Skills Expert
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Under $5,000

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Karen Susman Video

Karen Susman Video

Since 1983, speaker-author-coach Karen Susman has inspired audiences by offering creative strategies for assessing and effectively coping with any personal or professional situation. Among the organizations that have benefited from her mix of humor and practical content are the American Society of Association Executives, NBC Entertainment, Burger King, and the National League of Cities.

Karen's program topics include humor at work, life balance, networking, presentation skills and building community involvement.

To book Karen Susman call Executive Speakers Bureau at  (901) 754-9404.

How’s Your Laugh Life? Humor, Health and  High Performance
Medical research shows a positive correlation between humor and emotional and physical health. Research also shows a positive correlation between laughter, attitude and productivity.

Discover ways to add fun to your home and work life. Learn how humor boosts your health and your bottom line. Lots of toys to take home. Your co-workers will thank you, your customers will stop complaining, your family will rejoice, your dog, well your dog loves you no matter what.

This lively program will help you:

  • Look at your work and home life with fresh eyes.
  • Shift attitudes, smooth conflict, boost creativity and vitality.
  • Strengthen and reward teams.
  • Create a portable humor hit.
  • Discover 17 ways to easily and appropriately lighten up at work.

Laughter Yoga: How To Laugh For No Reason Except To Improve Your Life
There’s no stretchy spandex or stretchy postures in laughter yoga. Laughter yoga was created by physician, Madan Kataria, in India in 1996. It is based on the medical evidence that shows the act of laughing is therapeutic and doesn’t need a joke or pratfall to occur. Laughter Yoga is practiced in 60 countries by more than 600,000 people weekly.

Laughter Yoga has been shown to reduce stress, burn calories, lower blood pressure, reduce pain, build teams, boost the immune system, aid flexibility, increase creativity, enhance focus and more.

Sessions are 30 – 45 minutes in length and can stand alone or be part of a stress management or life balance session. Laughter Yoga is a great way to start the day, and begin or end a meeting. Laughter Yoga is an energetic team building activity. All ages and abilities can participate. Engineer, medical, international, business and educational groups have laughed together for no reason with remarkable results. CEOs laughing with every layer of the organizational build morale, communication and productivity.

Laughter yoga sessions consist of:

  • Background and substantiation of laughter yoga
  • Guided laughter exercises,
  • Stretching
  • Breathing
  • Relaxation.

Resiliency: Stress Management on Steroids
Lost productivity due to stress costs the American economy $300 billion annually.

Your team faces multitudinous stressors. Many stressors are out of their control. What is in their control is how they respond and recover.

Resiliency takes stress management to the next level. This session provides the tools to bounce back from personal and professional challenges.

Can you afford employees that don’t know these resiliency skills?

Participants will learn:

  • How to reevaluate stressful events so they can bounce back quickly.
  • What questions to ask themselves to re-orient thinking.
  • How to build resiliency by putting certain systems in place.
  • How to get a handle on stress immediately.
  • How to make better decisions under stress.

Life Balance: How To Wear Many Hats and Keep Your Head on Straight
Life Balance is a big concern for men as well as women. Want to find perfect balance? Forget about it. Learn to make important life choices. Learn to base your actions on these choices. Use this time to step back, prioritize your life and take steps to feeling more in control. Walk away with a proven system for swiftly getting back into balance.

This totally original program will help you:

  • Pinpoint personal priorities based on your values.
  • Uncover 9 ways to match actions to priorities.
  • Negotiate your obligations.
  • Realign your life using an exciting, new six-step system.
  • Learn the one sentence secret to more perfect balance.
  • Manage your activities to manage your time
  • Use 21 proven ways to manage the stress of our hectic times.

Networking Skills: How To Build Relationships and Your Bottom Line
Shmooze it or lose it! Don’t need to network because you have a job? Remove your blinders. Ask all those laid off CEO’s about the importance of building, and nurturing your contacts and your contacts’ contacts.

Social media is not enough. It’s not enough to send e-mails and texts. It’s not enough to be excellent at what you do. You’ve got to get face-to-face. You’ve got to build, nurture and maintain relationships. If you hate networking, if you’re a tongue-tied introvert or if you don’t like to sell yourself, you need this program.

If you think you’re a great meeter and greeter, you need this program, too. There’s so much more to networking than meetin’ and greetin’. If you think Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are all you need to bring in business, you need this session. If you want to build your business and stop reinventing the wheel, what are you waiting for?

This fun, yes FUN, on your feet program will give you career and life building skills you’ll use everyday to:

  • Propel your success in your existing or next job.
  • Build your visibility.
  • Open a conversation, keep it going and say good-bye gracefully.
  • Converse with anyone by keeping your mouth shut.
  • Follow-up and keep in touch big time and long term.

Presentation Skills: Connect for Success
Why do star athletes use coaches? They’re already the best of the best. They strive to improve their personal best. Even if you are an experienced speaker, you can improve your personal best. This program is a must if you want to be a success in your career or anytime you need to get your message across.

Learn to:

  • Add humor without flopping, offending or repelling your audience.
  • Energize don’t anesthetize your audience with your audio/visuals.
  • Maximize your body to maximize your message.
  • Connect with any audience.
  • Organize your remarks in 63 seconds flat.
  • Stop boring!
  • Coaching individuals, small groups, video taping.

Building Community Involvement: Perfect for municipal, nonprofit, association and business groups.
Do you wish you had a steady stream of interested people to get involved in your organization or community. Do you yearn for consensus? Would you sing sonnets to secure support for your initiatives? Take home more implementable ideas than you can shake a gavel at.

Learn to:

  • Pinpoint volunteer motivators.
  • Entice people to get off their couches and into your organization.
  • Be visible to build support.
  • Recognize and reward volunteers.
  • Grasp 38.5 creative ways to gain and maintain involvement.

Speaking Topics:

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