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The Evasons, Humor Speaker

The Evasons

    World-Renowned Mentalist Duo
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Mentalist Duo - The Evasons - Corporate Event Entertainers Mind Reading Act

Mentalist Duo - The Evasons - Corporate Event Entertainers Mind Reading Act

Award-winning mentalists Jeff and Tessa Evason blend the mystical power of magic with spellbinding feats of telepathy and illusion, psyching out audiences with an entertaining act that defies logical explanation. Hailed as “The most amazing mind-reading act you’ve ever seen!” by Powers of the Paranormal on FOX-TV, the extraordinary duo have performed in over 30 countries across the globe and made numerous appearances on major television networks including The World’s Greatest Magic on NBC, Grand Illusions on the Discovery Channel and Masters of Illusion on PAX.

The Evasons were voted top performers of the year by the international Psychic Entertainers Association and given the prestigious honor of “The Dunninger Memorial Award for Distinguished Professionalism”. They're the only mentalists to be granted “SARMOTI Award” at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas, which legendary magicians Siegfried and Roy present to their favourite act. To add to their numerous honors, in 2003, The Evasons were the first recipients of “The Mentalism Award” from the celebrated Milbourne Christopher Foundation. With such widespread recognition, The Evasons have become a popular act for Fortune 500 corporate and campus events alike. The duo has entertained in Las Vegas’ renowned Bally’s, The Tropicana, Caesar’s Palace and The Rio, as well as performed on some of the finest international cruise ships in the world including Disney and Holland America.

It all began from an early age when Jeff had his curiosity piqued after watching the exciting and mind-boggling performances of guest magicians featured on The Ed Sullivan Show. Deciding to hone his own skills in the magical arts, he eventually found himself working as apart-time magician in Toronto. It was there in 1983 that he met the naturally intuitive and enigmatic Tessa who had recently moved to Canada from the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia to work as a fashion model. After acting as Jeff’s stage partner for a demonstration at a fashion show, the couple’s astounding one-of-a-kind act quickly received attention from fascinated audiences worldwide and it’s no mystery why.

Those who attend one of the couple’s interactive and comedic demonstrations can expect to be captivated by Tessa’s uncanny ability to touch audience members with her powers of intuition. Blindfolded on stage, she’ll reveal your first and last name, birth date, a serial number on any bill in your wallet or even your best friend’s telephone number. Just when you’re on the edge of your seat and left utterly bewildered by her unbelievable displays of extra-sensory perception and prediction, she’ll challenge the limits of your belief even further. An audience member could be levitated with no strings attached or spirits might show up in photographs. As one audience member put it after seeing them perform, “Their abilities are so awesome it’s spooky!”

Still feeling a little skeptical? Believe it or not, Jeff and Tessa don’t claim to have supernatural powers, nor do they call themselves psychics. Nothing is prearranged with secret assistants or audience members. There are no gimmicks, wires or hidden communication devices. In fact, they’ll give $100,000 to anyone who can prove otherwise! Instead, The Evasons rely on their unbelievable talents and riveting shows to inspire audience members to open up their minds to new possibilities. “We’re not there to prove anything,” Jeff explains, “only to entertain and create a sense of wonder”.

Corporate Entertainment

Make your Corporate Event a success.

If you're looking for that one-of-a-kind corporate entertainment act which will leave your audience captivated, then The Evasons will be a perfect fit for your next event. Your attendees will leave feeling as though they've been part of something very special. Never predictable, the show will engage even the most seasoned corporate clients who have literally seen it all. The performance is highly adaptable and every show is designed to suit the specific needs of each corporate client. Whether you want to deliver an original message, improve team communication, introduce a new product in a unique fashion, or simply entertain some busy execs at the end of their long business day, The Evasons can make your corporate event one to remember. They understand that an event is about making memories. It's more than a show - it's the complete experience.

The Evasons are a top-pick for all kinds of corporate events including after-dinner shows, sales conferences, trade shows, customer appreciation and hospitality suites, award banquets, galas and parties, meetings, celebrations, product launches, and more. They know corporate entertainment and they'll help simplify your job. Just tell them what you need. Whether it's a small board of directors or a crowd of hundreds, The Evasons have universal appeal that will leave your clients in awe.

What to expect.

What you can anticipate when you bring The Evasons to your next corporate event? You'll be completely captured by Tessa's beauty and charm. Her remarkable gift will amaze you. As a duo, Jeff and Tessa weave humor and intuition with showmanship and skill as they take the audience through a series of mind-stunts leading up to their specialty - two-person telepathy.

While Tessa remains on stage wearing a blindfold, Jeff wanders through the audience approaching random volunteers. The crowd is always eager to participate. Tessa will actively engage individuals from your audience calling out their first and last names, and if they're comfortable, their date of birth. Someone's holding a photo of a loved one - Tessa identifies the person in the photo by name. Tessa even knows the number of keys on audience members' key rings or what kind of car they drive. Try thinking of your friend's phone number. Tessa not only knows the number, but the name of your friend, too! It seems impossible but it's the power of mind reading. With one-on-one engagement with your audience members - whether it's a hardworking employee or the CEO - everyone will walk away thoroughly entertained.

The $100,000 Challenge!

The Evasons' goal is to entertain both the believers and the skeptics. Regardless of whether you accept ESP as reality, the show has something for everyone. While Jeff and Tessa don't call themselves "psychics" or claim to have supernatural powers, keep in mind that they also use no secret assistants or concealed electronic devices. In fact, they offer $100,000 to anyone who can prove otherwise.

College Campus Entertainment

Unique, entertaining and fun.

Jeff & Tessa Evason perform their mind-blowing feats of interactive psychic magic and uncanny mind reading demonstrations at many college and university events across the United States and Canada. This is not a show built on simple magic tricks. This is one of the most incredible shows you will ever see!

Campus Activities Directors trust the Evasons to deliver a successful event. They know that Jeff & Tessa are easy to work with and that they’ll deliver a show that’s unique, entertaining and fun. Perhaps most important, Jeff & Tessa can be trusted to treat students with respect and make the experience memorable and enjoyable.

Get Psyched!

Imagine you’re holding a picture of a relative. On stage, Tessa stands blindfolded. You've never met her, you've never seen her before. You think that she'll never get this. She hesitates - raises an eyebrow, and as you're thinking, "gotcha," she tells you the picture is of your grandmother and she even announces your grandmother's name!

As you think "no way," she identifies your friend's necklace and whom she got it from.

She knows someone else’s zodiac sign and she even reveals their birth date.

A skeptic offers a challenge, wondering if Tessa can tell him his favorite song on his iPod. She does. He’s flabbergasted.

When Tessa reveals details of her dream vision involving a total stranger, who happens to be in the audience, you’re awestruck.

When another audience member is levitated - no strings attached they’re blown away.

When spirits appear in a photo, everyone is out of their seat and totally shocked!

And when you read the prediction Tessa wrote earlier in the day, you’re simply lost for words.

You just Got Psyched!

Interactive and unforgettable!

The Evasons will have your audience in shocked disbelief throughout the show. They continually amaze everyone in the audience. Their performance will erase any doubts about the possibility of someone reading your mind.

Audience members will be eager to participate throughout the entire performance. And they’ll remember the experience for a long time afterwards.

If you want an event that people will keep talking about, book The Evasons to appear at your campus!

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