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Olympia LePoint, STEM Speaker

Olympia LePoint

    • Award-Winning Rocket Scientist
    • Author & TV Personality
    • Hailed as "The New Einstein"
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$10,000 - $15,000

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Olympia LePoint - Award-Winning Rocket Scientist, TV Host, Author

Olympia LePoint - Award-Winning Rocket Scientist, TV Host, Author

Reprogramming your brain to overcome fear: Olympia LePoint at TEDxPCC

Reprogramming your brain to overcome fear: Olympia LePoint at TEDxPCC

Recognized as "The New Einstein" on TV, Olympia LePoint is best known for her role as an award-winning rocket scientist, science entertainer and educator driving to help people overcome fear. Mathaphobia: How You Can Overcome Your Math Fears and Become a Rocket Scientist is her debut self-help, educational book designed to empower adults and students to ace math and science without doing more math problems. As an internationally-recognized leader within Math and Science fields, LePoint helped launch NASA’s Endeavour, Discovery, Columbia, and Atlantis Space Shuttles. She successfully helped launch 28 Space Shuttle Missions into Space. She won The 2004 Boeing Company Professional Excellence Award, and The 2003 National Black Engineer of the Year “Modern Day Technology Leader” Award.

Olympia LePoint has appeared in countless magazines and news publications, including recognition in 2010 as “The New Face for Math Literacy” for her Mathaphobia® explanation on Oprah.com . She also is regularly featured as a media personality, and she has been on NBC News and CBS2/KCAL9 News in 2013, Kaplan at Night Talk show in 2013, Dr. Drew's Life Changers TV Show in 2012, as well as The Bret Lewis News Hour, Jump Shipp on The Halogen Network, and Christians OnDemand Episodes. LePoint shares her triumphant story. In 2014, LePoint was featured in Agoura Magazine and Porter Ranch magazines for her TED Talk “Reprogramming Your Brain to Overcome Fear” at the TEDxPCC Conference. In the talk, LePoint shares the neuroscience decision-making process she created for reprogramming the human brain to override fear, helping audiences “Beat the Odds.” This dynamic speaker is regularly featured as a guest Math and Science expert on TV and on the Radio.

She holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Mathematics, and a Master’s of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics from California State University Northridge. As a CEO, keynote speaker and college educator, LePoint has channeled her passion into helping millions overcome fear and pursue STEM fields. She formed the national education program, Olympia’s - End Mathaphobia® Now, a system designed to promote math and science literacy in America. As CEO of OL Consulting Corporation, Olympia LePoint publishes educational books and executive produces Science TV shows for Network Programming. Currently, Olympia LePoint serves as a media personality for TV, Radio, News Publications and Social Media outlets.

To book STEM speaker Olympia LePoint, contact Executive Speakers Bureau at 901.754.9404.

Success in Education “101”

In this talk, students gain the 3-step approach for turning challenges into victories in all education, especially in STEM education. Based on her experience supporting NASA's Mission Control, award-winning rocket scientist and author Olympia LePoint explains Mathaphobia and the Meyer’s-Briggs-based study tips for success. She helps students tackle classes with ease and capitalize on their unique thinking power. Students walk away with the tools to successfully complete their educational pursuits. Educators are empowered with creative learning tools. The innovative approach is based from Olympia LePoint’s book Mathaphobia: How You Can Overcome Your Math Fears and Become a Rocket Scientist.

Inventing Your Success with Science

In this talk, Olympia LePoint reveals the suffocating effects environmental chaos has on the brain within problem-solving and the invention process. Olympia LePoint exposes the phenomenon that separates the brain into mental chaos, introduced as Brainbrink. With an innovative approach to re-merge the brain's three most vital sectors, Olympia LePoint uses practical steps rooted in neuroplasticity science and chaos math principles to help readers change the course of their lives. These unique steps help to reshape the human brain’s interior, unlocking the ability to change external situations and create innovative solutions that are ready for unleashing.

Beat The Odds” When Your Mission Appears Impossible

Olympia LePoint shares her difficult and triumphant journey though her own educational, professional and mental adversity. After discovering “How to Beat the Odds“ through the “Art of Creative Problem-Solving”, Olympia become a top university graduate, a nationally-known & award-winning rocket scientist, and an CEO. Olympia shares how to succeed in any situation.

Reprogramming Your Brain For Success

Now, fear can be removed from the human brain. Based on her experience supporting NASA's Mission Control, award-winning rocket scientist and author Olympia LePoint devises a neuroscience process for reprogramming the human brain to override fear. With her triumphant story, Olympia LePoint answers how humans can simultaneously turn off fear and rebuild the frontal brain lobes to accomplish great feats. The ground-breaking method is based from Olympia LePoint’s book Mathaphobia, and it is an enhanced version of the viral TED talk “Reprogramming Your Brain to Overcome Fear.”

Leading as Women - Mission Control Room Stories Exposed

Many times, leaders need to build innovative products and provide extraordinary direction, yet they face an unsupportive staff. Employee and organizational constraints halt progress. In this keynote, Olympia LePoint shares her personal stories as a woman leader in an engineering environment. She reveals her proven 5-Star A.C.R.I.S. approach which creates innovative solutions and builds a supportive staff. Through revealing funny Mission Control Room stories, Olympia LePoint empowers leaders to gain organizational support, to use pre-existing resources and to build employee satisfaction.

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