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Marcia Reynolds, Speaker

Marcia Reynolds

    • Expert on How to Outsmart Your Brain
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$7,500 - $10,000

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Marcia Reynolds, 2011 Speaking Demo

Marcia Reynolds, 2011 Speaking Demo

Marcia Reynolds, PsyD amuses, inspires and fascinates her audiences as she translates the latest discoveries of how the brain works into workable strategies for dealing with life’s challenges. Participants come to understand what makes communication so difficult and life so complicated. Whether they are leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs or parents, Dr.Reynolds then provides practical formulas and techniques they can use both at work and at home.

In addition to speaking and training around the world, Dr. Reynolds coaches both individuals and executive teams. Her clients come from technical, pharmaceutical, financial, shipping and banking corporations and both governmental and quasi-governmental organizations.

Prior to her starting her own business, Marcia’s greatest success story came as a result of designing the programs for a semiconductor manufacturing company facing bankruptcy. Working with the executive staff, she designed the organizational change program that helped the company become the #1 stock market success in the United States when they went public in 1993. Marcia’s focus on increasing communication across organizational lines and empowering cross-functional teams to create were credited as a major part of the turnaround.

Marcia’s doctoral degree is in organizational psychology. She has published two books, Outsmart Your Brain and Wander Woman: How High-Achieving Women Find Contentment and Direction. Excerpts from her books have appeared in many places including Harvard Communications Newsletter, U.S. Business Review, Forbes.com, CNN.com, Psychology Today and The New York Times and she has appeared on ABC World News.

Marcia is also a pioneer in the coaching profession and was the 5th president of the International Coach Federation. She was one of the first25 people in the world to earn the designation of Master Certified Coach (MCC). She is also a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).

Outsmart Your Brain: How to Master Your Overactive, Bossy Mind

No matter how smart you are, your brain still seems to get the best of you when you are under pressure, irritated, unappreciated or just too busy.Your brain has a mind of its own. Yet you can outsmart your brain and make more powerful choices if you know what emotional triggers drive your behavior. You can ease your tension, settle arguments and negotiate successfully in spite of difficult circumstances. This program will help you understand and even laugh at how your brain works so you can consciously choose how to best use your time, your mind and your skills.

During this presentation, you will learn how to:

  • Become emotionally self-aware so you can “catch your emotions”before you react.
  • Shift into an optimal emotional state where negative states disappear.    - Establish an emotional connection with clients and colleagues to enhance negotiations and persuasiveness.
  • Practice a four-step process for being present and making new choices, ensuring you master your mind even under pressure.

Your brain could be keeping you from then success you deserve. Don’t let it! Dr. Reynolds will help you stay sane and productive by outsmarting your brain.

Inspiring Commitment and Innovation: Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Although work is a financial transaction where people are paid for their contribution, the brain experiences work as a social system. In this system, every aspect of the leaders presence has social meaning.Therefore, leaders can be sabotaging performance and hurting their own effectiveness even when they think they are doing everything correctly.

On the flip side, leaders who know when and how to connect, encourage and invigorate individuals and teams will not only see profitable growth, they will gain a long-lasting competitive advantage through the rise in creativity and innovation.

This presentation not only heightens awareness leaders have of the impact they have on others, it teaches them how to choose words, actions and emotions to inspire others to excel. The ability to connect with the social brain will be the distinguishing leadership ability in years ahead.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Become emotionally “self-alert”
  • Release thoughts and feelings so you can align with others
  • Establish connections to enhance coaching, negotiations, and influence    Shift the emotional tone from negative to positive
  • Deliver an inspiring vision
  • Retain employees through increased satisfaction
  • Motivate improved performance and creativity
  • Reduce resistance to change

This program can be delivered as an inspiring keynote or expanded to a 1- or 2-day program.

Change Your Mind: Four Steps for Making Changes "Stick"

Here’s the scenario: you make a change, it lasts for a while, then you go back to your old behavior either feeling angry, ashamed, or disheartened.

What most people don’t realize is that in the brain, there is a difference between deciding to make a change and actually rewiring the brain to make the change permanent. Even mustering large doses of willpower can fail over time; you can’t force your brain to change. However, you can convince your brain to change if you follow a few vital steps. These steps are simpler than you think.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Determine the optimal emotional state for change and how to shift into this state at will.
  • Design a plan for convincing your brain to alter your wiring.
  • Enlist a community of support to help keep the momentum going.
  • Discover what drives your sense of purpose and passion.

You can make change sustainable. Don’t give up on your dreams. Hire Dr.Reynolds to help you change your mind forever.

Wander Woman: 5 Keys for Finding Success and Satisfaction at Work

Today’s smart and competent women seek to realize their highest potential yet the pursuit often leaves them feeling more exhausted than proud. There is always more to be done and greater challenges to be met. The resolution isn’t in managing time and priorities. The challenge is maintaining both peace of mind and a presence that blends strength and grace in the moment. This is the basis for the book, Wander Woman: How High-Achieving Women Find Contentment and Direction by Dr. Marcia Reynolds.

In this presentation, Marcia presents both the “light and the dark sides” of being a smart, strong, goal-driven woman. Then she shares a few powerful exercises and coaching questions that will help the participants see themselves and their dilemmas more clearly, which opens up options for both professional development and satisfaction.  

From this perspective, they learn:

  • The 5 factors that drive you to succeed but could hinder your personal development.
  • How to develop your “selves concept” to improve the impact of your communications and strengthen your relationships.
  • How to identify and articulate your strengths beyond your skills and knowledge to increase your personal power.
  • How to find your sense of purpose to use as an “anchor of grace” to help you achieve your desired results.

This presentation will help smart, strong driven women learn how to release their “burden of greatness” while maintaining their passion and drive.

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