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Manager Max, speaker

Manager Max

    • Leading Specialist on the Corporate World and a Captivating Showman
Fee Range

$30,000 - $50,000

Travels From

New York

Serge Grudzinski (aka Manager Max)

Serge Grudzinski (aka Manager Max)

A graduate of the Polytechnique School (a prestigious French engineering school) and of Stanford University, Serge Grudzinski (aka Manager Max) started his career as an industrial engineer and later became a consultant in management (Booz Allen Hamilton and A.T. Kearney). During his 12 years of working in the Corporate World, he grew an intense interest in the comedic arts and became a performing comic in 1991 (with French celebrity Philippe Bouvard and several One Man Shows at the Théâtre de Dix-heures in Paris).

In 1993, Serge decided to combine humor with business consulting to unify professional teams by helping them overcome the difficulties of seeking progress and motivation. This innovative method turned out to be so effective and so efficient that he founded the “HUMOUR CONSULTING GROUP”.

His Presentations were immediately successful. Over the years, he developed "Irresistible Collective Laughter”, which was a breakthrough in the unification and motivation of a company. To accelerate the international development of his unique expertise, Serge decided to culminate all of his experience into his character, Manager Max, who comes to life during his Humorous Management Presentations.

Manager Max has completed over 1,000 motivational Presentations with all kinds of companies, facing all sorts of situations: transformations, "cultural revolutions", expansions, mergers, restructurings, growth crises, sentiments of low morale, etc.

Manager Max has unprecedented experience in communicating change, inspiring leadership, building teamwork and motivating employees. Manager Max transmits such an impressive enthusiasm and energy to his audience.

To book business motivational speaker and comedian Manager Max call Executive Speakers Bureau at 901-754-9404.

During his “Humorous Management Presentations” at seminars and conventions, Manager Max addresses key business issues brought on by change, innovation, and growth by introducing the powerful emotion: “Irresistible Collective Laughter”. Participants are kept engaged with unsurpassed enthusiasm that not only entertains, but inspires! After having experienced a Presentation, employees are left with:

  • A positive outlook on challenging situations
  • A calm and constructive look at conflict
  • A better understanding of cultural differences
  • The desire to progress individually and collectively
  • A better understanding of what it takes to be a leader
  • Better willingness to work together
  • Boosted energy and enthusiasm
  • Maximized motivation 

In all, the company reaches a higher level of awareness, cohesion and motivation.

The Humorous Management Presentation:

A Great Motivational Show

Using both his extensive experience of the Corporate World in all of its key aspects and his special talent for writing, Manager Max prepares customized Presentations that touch upon any key points that need to be addressed. He delivers his Humorous Management Presentations in a way that, thanks to his particularly intoxicating comedic talent, consistently triggers roars of laughter while simultaneously producing the ultimate conditions for team motivation.

This is the essence of Manager Max’s breakthrough use of “Irresistible Collective Laughter”, an emotion that brings the entire audience together in a distinctive moment of unifying enthusiasm without offending anyone. This enthusiasm creates unparalleled energy and motivation.

Multiple Impacts

Manager Max’s Presentations are received as great performances by company audiences! After more than an hour of laughing (due to his witty reflections on their own problems), participants are more enthusiastic and motivated to accept messages than ever before.

  • When the ultimate goal is to facilitate change, employees experience a better understanding of what needs to be done. They approach changes with greater determination.
  • When the goal is to increase cohesion amongst teams (teamwork), participants have an amazing time coming together and moving a step forward towards their own mutual understanding. Working togetherbecomes much easier and more efficient.
  • When the goal is to boost the morale of discouraged teams, employees feel acknowledged and understood. The power of “Irresistible Collective Laughter” eases their tensions and allows them to regain a positive mind set about the future.
  • When the goal is to increase leadership, participants comprehend key points and acquire new ambitions.

Under Which Circumstances?

  • Manager Max gets involved in all high-stake meetings: Conventions, Seminars, Executive Committees, etc.
  • In all types of businesses: From the financial to the oil industry, as well as information technology, fashion, food, services, etc. 
  • In many countries: United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Argentina, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, The Netherlands… and with any nationality.
  • In several languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian


Thanks to his experience acquired from 1,000 consulting assignments with all kinds of companies and situations (corporate transformations, globalization, mergers, low morale, new behavior, restructurings, launching a new strategy, new ventures, etc.), Manager Max knows exactly how to communicate with people according to their positions, backgrounds and cultures in order to bring them to the highest level of motivation and energy. 

For each Presentation, Manager Max works to obtain a clear vision of company challenges and team dynamics. This process is one of the reasons Manager Max’s Presentations have been so successful. Each of his expositions are tailor-made for each company to address company-specific challenges and objectives.

His Presentations can include several of these topics as well as particular subjects pertaining to a specific company.

FAQ Best practices in management
“The ideal Manager”

Working together
The fundamentals of efficient teamwork

Client satisfaction
Creating and maintaining excellent client relationships to optimize satisfaction and commercial efficiency

Making the best out of organization
Adopting new behaviors to optimize the efficiency of organization (matrix, globalization, centralization, decentralization, restructuring, etc.)

Changing business model
Identifying the strategic changes which lead to the creation of a new business model and understanding the key success factors of this new model

Promoting processes and tools
Introducing IT tools, reporting, etc. so that people welcome these innovations

Fast and successful merger
Creating the best conditions for team unification so that teams surpass all their prejudices and open up to each other

Change management
The key mindsets and behaviors to successfully implement change

Working with foreign colleagues
Explaining cultural differences to eliminate miscommunication, misinterpretation and misunderstanding with international colleagues

Project management
Best practices to succeed in the complex processes of working on a big project 

Expert or manager?
Differentiating between the various behaviors required for each role

Promoting cross functionality
Promoting behaviors that optimize company offers and commercial efficiency

Communication skills
Openness, listening, clarity, assertiveness, confidence, feedback, etc.

Uniting generations
Uncovering the values, expectations and behaviors of different generations all working towards the same objectives.

Monitoring performance levels
Becoming aware of the essential levers of one’s performance and of how they should be prioritized and optimized

Promoting gender equality
Key advice for women on how to succeed in the corporate world… and advice to men on how to understand and work better with their female colleagues

Speaking Topics:

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