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Joseph Jaffe, Innovation Speaker

Joseph Jaffe

    • President and Chief Interruptor of Crayon
    • Conversational Marketing Guru
    • Speaker and thought leader
Fee Range

$20,000 - $30,000

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Joseph Jaffe Speaking Clip

Joseph Jaffe Speaking Clip

Speaking Excerpt from Google's "Think Infinite" Event in Buenos Aires

Speaking Excerpt from Google's "Think Infinite" Event in Buenos Aires

Flip the Funnel: What if we got it all wrong?

Flip the Funnel: What if we got it all wrong?

One of the most sought-after consultants, speakers and thought leaders on new marketing, Joseph Jaffe is President and Chief Interruptor of crayon, a new marketing company.

Crayon is a mash-up of 5 key areas: strategic and creative agency services, consulting, M&A Advisory, thought leadership/custom publishing, and finally training/education. crayon's initial clients include The Coca-Cola Company, GSD&M and SpiralFrog.

Prior to launching crayon, Joseph ran jaffe, LLC, where he worked with companies including P&G, The Coca-Cola Company, American Airlines, Dunkin' Brands, TiVo, Motorola and Fox Interactive Media. Before that, Joseph was Director of Interactive Media at TBWA/Chiat/Day and OMD USA, where he worked on Kmart, ABSOLUT Vodka, Embassy Suites and Samsonite.

Jaffe's popular blog, "Jaffe Juice", provides daily commentary on all things new marketing. You can join the conversation at jaffejuice.com. He also hosts a weekly new marketing podcast called "Across the Sound". Across the Sound was recently voted a Readers' Choice Award as "Best Marketing Podcast" by MarketingSherpa.

His first book, Life After The 30-Second Spot: Energize Your Brand With A Bold Mix Of Alternatives To Traditional Advertising (Wiley/Adweek) was released in June 2005 and focuses on how advertising is evolving in a world ruled by an empowered consumer and no longer governed solely by the 30-second spot.

Joseph's impassioned, straight-shooting and honest perspectives have found their way to every major media outlet, including the likes of CBS Evening News, ABC World News, Bloomberg, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Fortune, Newsweek, Business Week, Ad Age, Ad Week and the list continues.

Joseph is a Senior Fellow at the Center for the Digital Future at the USC Annenberg School and he has also lectured part-time at NYU's Stern School of Business, Cornell's Johnson School of Business and Syracuse University.

Hailing from South Africa, he lives with his wife, daughter and son in Westport, CT.

To book Joseph Jaffe call Executive Speakers at 901-754-9404

Flip the Funnel: How to use existing customers to gain new ones

What if we got it all wrong? What if we've been going about marketing completely the wrong way? In this provocative keynote, Joseph Jaffe will outline how retention can become the new acquisition for businesses today and in doing so, literally transform the way companies go to market and establish a critical competitive edge and advantage. Using his new “flipped funnel” methodology, Jaffe will outline the notion of customer experience, introduce the 10 new rules of customer service and present a social media-powered customer activation model that harnesses the true potential and impact of customer-generated word-of-mouth, reviews and referrals. If “getting more from less” has become your new mandate, you won’t want to miss a new approach which presents the possibility of doubling your revenues whilst halving your budget in the process.

Marketing as a (customer) service

Marketing is no longer a spectator sport…it’s a contact sport. Think Roller Derby. And amidst all this chaos, the opportunities and roles for brands have never been more profound and relevant. Call it customer experience or customer service 2.0. Or flip the words and just call it servicing customers. Either way, we’re talking about a return to not just customer centricity but in fact customer authenticity. Over the next decade, companies will be held accountable and judged no longer by “what they say”, but in fact “what they do”; no longer by the “promises they make”, but by the “promises they keep”. And in this scenario, marketing’s role will be one of collaboration, partnership and unification. In this closing keynote, thought leader and bestselling author Joseph Jaffe, will introduce the true C.O.S.T. of marketing as a service. He’ll outline the shift from campaigns to commitments to platforms and how social media can play an indelible role in “flipping the funnel” and in doing so, transforming marketing from an uninvited guest to a welcome and invaluable one.


The REAL Role of Social Media

Hey Social Media? New Media called – they want their Bubble back. We’re currently operating in a time where the signal to noise ratio for all things social media is off the charts (and not in a good way). But perhaps the problem is our short memories as we look to teach an old, tired dog new tricks with a mission critical opportunity and imperative: the ability to build real, authentic and tangible relationships between brands, employees and the customers and communities they serve. In this presentation by thought leader and bestselling author Joseph Jaffe, he’ll outline what he believes is the real role of social media, the rise of “non media”; together with the importance of combining a proven, classic and fundamental account planning discipline to the game changing possibilities that social media brings to the table.

Change the Game (or go home)

Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. If that’s the case, then the antidote would be “productive originality” i.e. doing things differently to get a result. Besides, being a definition of “creativity” itself, “productive originality” is just the beginning. The prime directive should be Transformational Change. Metamorphosis. Building a better mousetrap. A complete reinvention of the customer journey, customer experience and ultimately go to market strategy. Not only can it be done for any company, it’s already being done by some. In this provocative keynote, thought leader and bestselling author Joseph Jaffe will outline the brand evolution from campaign to commitments to platforms that flip the funnel, activate advocacy and profoundly differentiate brands from their commoditized competitors.

Retention is the new acquisition

For too long loyalty, customer service and relationship marketing have been thought of as passive, reactionary and/or defensive tactics. No more. In a world that is becoming ever more transparent, networked and dynamic, listening and responding has become a cultural imperative. But the real question is, “with whom?” And the answer is an unequivocal, “our customers”. In fact if you think about it, without our customers we have no business; we have no budget to invest in acquisition or awareness efforts. If this is in fact the case, why do we continue to throw good money after bad wooing strangers with no overt or explicit affinity towards our brand? Why do we relatively ignore our lifeblood – our customers? What would happen if we turn conventional business practices on its head and in doing so, elevate CRM, loyalty and retention marketing to head of the class; from back to front office; give it its deserved seat at the strategic planning table? What might the result be? Flip the funnel and you’ll find out for yourself!

The new customer service

This is no longer your grandfather’s customer service. With the explosive and exponential advances and evolution in technology innovation and adoption, companies have limitless opportunities to connect with their customers in unprecedented ways. No longer considered to be a cost center, but indeed a strategic imperative capable of building the business – efficiently and effectively – from the inside-out. Using a revolutionary “flipped funnel” methodology, author and thought leader Joseph Jaffe will introduce and outline how customer service 2.0 – and its umbrella parent, customer experience – can become a powerful 1-2 punch capable of profoundly differentiating a brand from its competitors, establishing powerful relationships with customer evangelists and influencers and more importantly, arming this base with tools, techniques and incentives to spread word-of-mouth, recommendations and referrals to social networks, trusted peers and communities.

Join the Conversation

Continuing the conversation (literally) about how new forms of marketing are transforming the way brands are introduced, nurtured and strengthened, Jaffe introduces “what comes next” i.e. the rise of “conversational marketing”. The central message is simple: There are literally millions of alive, flawed, human, passionate, influential and authentic conversations going on around you right now: isn’t it time you joined in? The fact remains, all the marketing communication, media, messaging and advertising in the world can only get you so far. At worst, breaking down the door (there will be repercussions!) At best, getting a foot in the door. After which, conversation takes over. Through the power of community, dialogue and partnership, marketing can be a conversation; a welcome guest in the homes, experiences and lives of our consumers, if – and only if – certain principles, pathways and philosophies are put into practice.

Getting more from less using the power of innovation

It’s a double-whammy – a catch-22. You see the world changing in front of your eyes – consumer empowerment, democratization of creativity and content production, loss of control, reduction of trust in a new social media playing field dominated by new phenomena (microblogging, lifestreaming), new players (Facebook, Twitter), new products (Amazon.com Kindle), marketplaces (iPhone App Store) and technologies (Nintendo Wii) – and all the while, spinning out of control at the same time. You’re under increasing and unprecedented pressure to increase sales or at the very minimum maintain status quo, amidst never-ending budget cuts and scrutiny. Innovation and Experimentation are vital and yet seemingly out of reach. Well here’s the good news – investing in “commitment-based” marketing and coping during a recession are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they’re interconnected. By “joining the conversation” through leveraging the power of community, dialogue and partnership, you’ll quickly find yourselves on the right side of the “punch” – the 1-2 punch of growing your business and differentiating your brand from your competitors.

Life After the 30-Second Spot

Centered around his first book. Jaffe discusses the demise of the 30-second spot as the primary communications vehicle and in its place, the rise of bold alternatives to traditional advertising (the “93 colors”) such as interactive, experiential marketing, long form content, communal marketing, gaming, and on-demand viewing. You’ll be introduced to new models such as E.P.I.C., R.E.A.C.H., C.O.S.T. and R.U.E., amidst a cacophony of real-world illustrations and pragmatic and prescriptive advice on how to win in a world where the only constant is change.

There are plenty of other presentations as well, including - but not limited to:

    Integrating Interactive into the Integrated Mix
    The New Consumer
    Web 2.0 (uggh)
    New Marketing for a New Consumer

Of course, there are also custom presentations should you so desire.

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