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Carlos Conejo, Personal Growth Speaker

Carlos Conejo

    Multicultural Marketing and Diversity Expert, Process Improvement and Lean Enterprise Specialist, Six Sigma Black Belt
Fee Range

$20,000 - $30,000

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Carlos Conejo Youtube Video

Carlos Conejo Youtube Video

Since 1997, Carlos Conejo has headed a consulting firm that specializes in assisting companies and organizations targeting the three largest emerging U.S. consumer market segments: the African-American, Hispanic and Asian populations that currently account for $1.5 Trillion in purchasing power! Carlos Conejo has a proven track record in several areas including Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, Process Improvement/Lean Enterprise, and Computer-based Learning. In addition, organizations often engage Mr. Conejo to conduct on-site workforce development, supervisory and management seminars in either English or Spanish.

In addition, Carlos Conejo's first-hand knowledge of workforce and organizational development in the areas involving Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma are transformational. These techniques assist organizations in increasing quality while driving out defects and variation, reducing costs and substantially increasing margins. Carlos Conejo is a Certified "Six Sigma Black Belt," receiving his certification in 2007 from Villanova University.

Carlos Conejo has been named one of the "Top U.S. Hispanic Speakers" by the Independent firm of MarketData. He served on the Hilton Hotels Corporation Multicultural Advisory Board and the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Multicultural initiative.

Carlos has been lecturing and consulting internationally on management, supervision, organizational development, and multicultural issues in Canada, Puerto Rico and The United Kingdom, presenting to thousands of people from various organizations and companies. His clients include, Johnson & Johnson, Oakley Sunglasses-Luxotica, Pentair Pool Products, Jacuzzi Brand Products, Curtis-Wright Aerospace, The US Marines Corps, U.S. Army, U.S. Postal Service, Amgen, St. Jude's, Medtronic Mini-Med, Marie Callender's Pie Shops, Cheesecake Factory and more.

Carlos has been featured on KNBC-TV, and numerous other national television and radio shows and is the author of several books, including: Recruiting & Retaining Multicultural Employees, Motivating Hispanic Employees, Selling to Multicultural Businesses and The Crabs of Santo Domingo: The Power of Working Together.

To book diversity speaker Carlos Conejo call Executive Speakers Bureau at 901-754-9404.

Accelerating Organizational Change

Looks at behaviors of 10 Fortune 500 companies and what these highly-accelerating companies do differently than others that do not.

Selling & Marketing to Multicultural Customers

Teaches the fine-nuances to cultural, demographic and community-based sales and marketing techniques.

Lean Enterprise/Six Sigma

Different levels from Basic Lean to Advanced Certification on identifying the classic 14 wastes in any process and how to eliminate this waste to create sustained flow and continuous improvement in any organization.

Six Sigma is the statistical process control technique that uses various tools to eliminate variation in any process. Typical tools used are: Quality Function Deployment, SIPOC, Design of Experiment (DOE), Ishikawa, F Distribution-Test, Z Distribution-Test, Cpk, Ppk, Scatter Diagrams, Histograms and the DMAIC Process.

Six Sigma is a great tool for organizations that have gone through several iterations of lean, have eliminated most of their waste and are ready to take it to the world-class level. Executive Management support is critical to Six Sigma!

Lean Office: Putting Your Organization on a “Waste Diet”

Applies Lean principles to the office environment, including office TPM that takes a look at purchasing, scheduling, document flow, and cash-flow and controlling costs.

Customer Service-Giving Your Customers the R.O.Y.A.L. Treatment

Customer service is satisfying the customer with what they want. When they want it, and in the quantity that they want it. Various levels of these sessions look at how organization creates value in the delivery of their goods and services and how to create “Life-time” customers.

Leadership 101

This session takes an organization from a purely effective management level to one of vision, metrics, improved market performance, and the business-case for leadership in today’s economy.

Supervision 101

Most supervisors are promoted because they are good workers and not necessarily because they possess the necessary skills to effectively manage people. This session looks at what tools a great supervisor needs in their “tool-box” in order to effectively supervise, coach and motivate their employees.

Advance Leadership for Competing in a Global Economy

Today’s unpredictable economy necessitates a greater “Big-Picture view of market trends, cost-reduction, work-force development and market performance. In addition, effectively developing the right strategic alliances to expand or dominate distribution channels.

Advanced Supervision: Taking Young leaders from Working For the Company to Working WITH The Company!

Takes the Basic Supervision from above and identifies how to develop effective supervisors that are more metrics-based and sophisticated problem-solvers while encouraging and developing a more participative management style. Participants will take the Participative Management Style Inventory and apply it to Case Studies.

Balanced Scorecards that Work!

"Where there are no measurements, there can be no results.” --Taiichi Ono, Toyota Motors. This session looks at the importance of creating balanced score cards, how they fit into corporate KPI’s and how to create meaningful scorecards for any organization. Participants will actually create a balanced scorecard that they can use at their organization during this session.

Acting Strategically, Thinking Globally

Will your company create a product that is first to market for the prestige of it, or because it’s the president’s “pet-project”, but doesn’t hit the target financials, or will your company create a product that hits the target financials without necessarily being first to market. This session gets to effective positioning and creating sound corporate financials to sustain healthy growth. Case studies of several companies will be reviewed.

Growing Your Association for the new Millennium

Is your organization dying because of “old-guard” or “good ole boy” mentality? Or is your organization growing because it provides added value, educational, networking, and other opportunities? Does your association cater to the “same old gang”, or is it expanding to the five generations that are in the marketplace and getting them in leadership positions in order to grow these demographics? How about the rapidly-growing multicultural populations? This session covers answers to these questions and more!

Hoshin Kanri

Today’s environment is harsh at best and brutal in some aspects. It’s no longer about “dog-eat-dog,” it’s about “two dogs, one bone.” Therefore, in order to be successful in this economy companies must forge a centralized strategy for implementing long-term and medium-term plans related to policy deployment and effective controls and everyone in the company must be on the “same page.” A well executed Hoshin Kanri plan is the song-book to effectively integrate and orchestrate your company’s goals and objectives.

Recruiting & Retaining Multicultural Employees

50% of America’s workforce is of another ethnicity or culture! In some areas it’s even larger! How effectively is your organization or company doing in expanding its community-recruiting efforts and in growing internal multicultural talent to keep up with what the United States will look like in 2040? Leading in a Multicultural World

Irish, German, Black or Hispanic…It doesn’t matter what background you might come from, what matters is how you understand and deal with today’s global-workforce! If you don’t understand the culture and fine-nuances like intimacy-zones, eye-contact, tone-of-voice-sense-of-time, etc., then you will not be an effective leader in today’s environment. This sessions provides participant’s with the tools to effectively deal with and succeed!

Leading in a Lean Environment

Leading in a Lean environment IS different than leading in a “non-lean” or “wanna-be” lean environment. Lean is about transformation and encompassing lean as a way of life. Leading in a lean environment means that as a leader you need to get out to the Gemba…everyday…work side-by-side with your employees teach and mentor. Leading in a lean environment is not for the “faint-of-heart”, “flavor-of-the-day leader. You WILL FAIL! WARNING: Attend this session only if you are serious about true organizational transformation!

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