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Benjamin Levy, Magic Speaker

Benjamin Levy

    Power Memory Expert, The “Kings Magician”

Fee Range

$20,000 - $30,000

Travels From

New York

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For Your Next Meeting Or Conference
A unique, multi-talented speaker... an exciting new program for you!

Benjamin Levy is the favorite of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies because his programs are entertaining, audience involving, highly personalized, sophisticated and filled with humor and a very special charm.

What does he bring to the table for you? The end of the jaded audience!

His repertoire and audience appeal is so vast that his clients call upon him for many repeat appearances, during the year... and year after year.
Benjamin offers an exciting alternative to the usual authors, motivational and inspirational speakers and marketing mavens - all the "been there, done that" programs which often leave audiences nodding - and not in agreement!

Benjamin is the unique alternative to the same old thing.

You can be sure your guests will never have experienced anyone like him. His signature program includes spellbinding feats of mind-reading and memory. Incredibly, in just a few moments, he's on a first name basis with everyone in the audience. Benjamin quickly learns and remembers the names of 150 or more people he has just met and says goodbye to each of them by name in the finale of his performance. But it's no dry recitation of names. It is combined with great humor and exchanges with the audience which, time after time, leads to a rousing standing ovation.

Benjamin combines great entertainment with great content.

He includes material in his performance to impart a specific message, marketing concept, introduce a new product or announce a major change in company strategy to your audience. He makes your message completely memorable by using his unforgettable sleight-of-hand skills to dramatically emphasize each point.

But that's hardly the whole story! Benjamin is an acclaimed author.

His book Remember Every Name Every Time has been honored by inclusion on the list compiled by the editors of Fortune Magazine... "The Smartest Books We Know - Fortune offers the ultimate reading list: 75 books that teach you everything you really need to know about business." It's the only memory book included from among hundreds to choose from.

Benjamin has universal appeal to all kinds of audiences.

He talks up to your audience, not down to them. He "performs" with them - not at them. He delightfully astounds people, captures their attention, makes them laugh and feel royally entertained. He provides you with a high level program of which you can be proud... and which your audiences will greatly appreciate. His appearance will be the proverbial feather in your cap!
He Is Unique.

But, far beyond all his unique talents is his truly magical ability to create an atmosphere at corporate events which allows business and friendships to thrive.

To book Benjamin Levy call Executive Speakers Bureau at 901-754-9404.

Table-to-table magic and a 35-40 minute mind-reading and magic show

This show is followed by Benjamin's "memory performance" in which he remembers the names of 150 or more guests (after meeting them for just a few minutes during the table-to-table magic.) This memory feat is interspersed with very humorous and exciting exchanges with the audience. Quite often all of this is met with a standing ovation.

Power Memory Programs

The Power Memory Programs are designed specifically to help your executives remember names of clients and their staffs, personnel of your company in various departments and, in general, help management create a warm atmosphere for people they come in contact with. While the principal purpose of the program is to vastly improve the ability to remember names in business and social situations, it is also extremely helpful in improving memory in general.

Further, the Power Memory Program, as presented by Benjamin, is very entertaining as well as educational. He uses sleight-of-hand magic to illustrate his proven ideas. This makes it much easier to remember and put his memory techniques into practice. Each full training seminar takes approximately two hours. Time is allotted for your executives to practice and immediately put their new memory skills to work. Keynotes take 55 minutes and Spouse Programs about 45-60 minutes.

Intimate Dinner Parties

These are often in the homes of very senior executives for guest lists ranging from other industry leaders to special friends, associates, board members and spouses. These are shows for ten to a maximum of twenty-five guests where, after dinner, everyone adjourns to the "living room" for a performance of fascinating close-up magic. In this kind of intimate setting Benjamin performs effects that few people ever see and never forget. Everyone gathers around and he performs sleight-of-hand in their hands or just inches away. It s all very exciting and considered by professionals to be the most involving, intriguing and entertaining form of magical entertainment.

Totally Different Stage Shows With Different Table-To-Table Effects

Benjamin has a vast store of material to draw upon so that when he appears before the same audience more than once he can do a completely new performance each time. While the material Benjamin performs is new and different, it's in the same format as the very successful combination of table-to-table magic and name memorization he does for groups of 50-500  guests.

Live Video Feed

Benjamin's performances can be specifically oriented to your company for large audiences using a live video feed with big screen TV's strategically placed. It is a highly successful format which changes close-up sleight-of-hand into a dynamic, major stage production!

Groups of 500 or More Guests

For large groups, we have a format which is exciting, unique and wonderfully entertaining. In a large ballroom, magicians are stationed in each corner of theroom doing close-up magic shows. Guests can see a different show at each "station" and/or revisit a performer to see an effect they particularly enjoyed. Based on the venue and the time available, the magicians can also perform magic table-to-table. The stage show can feature major illusions, in which we make executives, products, etc., appear or disappear in a cloud of smoke or emerge from a box that a second before was empty. And, there are other highly visible and exciting large scale effects for special situations.

Alternate Performers

We book these performers when Benjamin is not available or you need top-flight entertainment for events with restricted budgets. By having a number of entertainers available at a wide range of fees, we can handle your needs for quality entertainment, within your budget, for most events.

Create and Produce Complete Shows

This is a dramatic way for you to introduce new products or new marketing or advertising concepts with scripts custom-designed for your specific needs.In all of the performance choices described above, Benjamin can incorporate highly "personalized" effects to accomplish specific corporate goals. We are available for consultation to assist in the planning, theming and concepts for your events.

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