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Alvin Law, Overcoming Adversity Speaker

Alvin Law

    • Born Without Arms...Reaching Out To Touch The World
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$7,500 - $10,000

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Alvin Law Speaker Reel

Alvin Law Speaker Reel

Alvin Law - Inspirational Motivational Speaker

Alvin Law - Inspirational Motivational Speaker

Alvin Law, (CSP, HoF) can be hard to define.  It seems obvious when you see him, but when you experience his program, something indescribable takes place.  He has no arms, so you think his program must be yet another example of someone overcoming a handicap.  But ask Alvin and he'd say it's that very perception that has been his biggest obstacle.  He never had arms so he never "overcame" anything.  But his insights from living through such a dynamic period in history has made him one of the foremost experts on adaptation, change and perspective. This is more than just marketing hype. Alvin’s story is real and one that is impossible to forget.

Alvin was born in 1960 and very quickly became a celebrity. He was one of Canada’s first “Thalidomide Babies,” known for bodies deformed due to the infamous morning sickness drug. Not only was Alvin born without arms, before he was a week old he was left at the hospital by young and terrified parents who were convinced by experts that he would be nothing but a burden, never be independent and if he reached adulthood his quality of life would be negligible. They promised his birth family he would be taken care of.  What they meant and didn't say was that he would be institutionalized.

Then, Alvin's tragic beginning took a profound fork in the road of life. He was adopted by idealistic and incredible foster-parents who simply said, "We don't believe that his fate is sealed" and proceeded to prove every expert and critic wrong.  They taught him to use his feet for hands and with the help of a handful of equally amazing mentors produced one of the most inspiring true stories you will ever witness.

This story is documented in Alvin's first book, Alvin's Laws of Life...5 Steps to Successfully Overcome Anything, (a Canadian Best-Seller) and provides the foundation for all of Alvin's programs.  But Alvin wants all his clients to know that his keynotes and follow-up workshops are not just about "him", but what his experiences can contribute to the learning objectives of any meeting attendee.  In other words, if the new face of the meetings industry is about content, Alvin Law can deliver.Alvin is an award-winning musician playing trombone, drums and piano and received his high school graduation class “Medal of Excellence.” His awards include Saskatchewan Junior Citizen of the Year (1978), George Vanier Award for Outstanding Young Canadians (1982), Mount Royal College Most Distinguished Alumni (1983), Canadian Progress Club Canadian of the Year (1989), and numerous other distinctions. He has also been profiled on several television documentaries, one of which won an Emmy Award (ABS-TV “Frontrunners,” 1993). Alvin has even played a credited role on FOX Television’s hit series, “X-Files” (1995). In 2003, Alvin was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee Medal. In 2004, he was honored with “Presenter of the Year/ Mastery Award” by the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). In 2005, he received his Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association (NSA).  In 2009, he was the sole inductee into the CAPS Hall of Fame (HoF).

Alvin has been sharing his incredible life with groups since 1981 and for 15 years, worked almost exclusively with school students and teachers.  But that training proved to him that this was a universal message and since then he has presented on five continents to over 2,000,000 people in over 7,500 shows.  Indeed, it is as much a show as an presentation experience...Alvin plays piano and a drum during his keynote, but it's also an almost perfect program that meeting planners and clients all agree is a complete package that delivers on it's promise; the unforgettable Alvin Law Experience! Alvin is married to Darlene, who also runs their speaking enterprise, and is father to Vance (born in '85) and other assorted pets.  They all live in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Start an Attitude Revolution
Imagine if everyone in your organization saw themselves, and each other, as leaders. If they positively influenced each other by proactively jumping in and making things happen. If they inspired each other by consistently operating from a mindset of ‘yes’. What could you accomplish? How far could you go?

Attitude can make or break an organization. But attitude can’t be imposed upon people – it has to come from a genuine place. Attitude Revolutions happen because people are inspired, from within themselves, to practice cultivating a more proactive and effective outlook on their lives.

Alvin uses his remarkable story to demonstrate the power of attitude, and inspire you to want to be and do better in your personal and professional life.

There are no buzzwords, no jargon – Alvin offers himself up as an example of what’s possible, and challenges you to re-evaluate and rewrite the stories you tell yourself about what you can and can’t do, be and achieve.

Although his circumstances are unique, his story is universal. It’s easy for him to craft an experience that is relevant to your specific audience based on their specific circumstances…so they walk away having heard the message you need them to hear. So whether you need one of Alvin’s most requested presentations or require something completely custom, let us know… we’re happy to work with you.

Want to ensure your Attitude Revolution sticks? After your event, Alvin follows up with an Attitude Audit to make sure your audience walked away with more than just inspiration; rather, that they turned that inspiration into positive, meaningful action in your organization.

The Attitude Effect
Focus: leadership, for leaders, personal leadership
Format: opening or closing keynote

You’ve probably heard of The Butterfly Effect – a principle of chaos theory which states that a butterfly flapping its wings in New Mexico, at the right point in space and time, can cause a hurricane in China. It might take a while, but the connection is real. It’s an interesting way of expressing the fact that seemingly very small actions can have drastic effects.

The Attitude Effect works the same way. A team leader, manager, supervisor or C-level executive with a poor attitude tends to pass it on to employees and co-workers, lowering morale and creating a negative work environment. And employees tend to pass it on to customers…who then decide to take their business elsewhere. To put it plainly, a leader with a bad attitude can have a drastic effect on the productivity and profitability of the entire company.

The good news? Our attitude is the one thing we have complete control over. We can’t always choose what happens to us on a day to day basis, but we can choose our attitude. And when a leader adopts and practices good attitude habits, it ripples throughout the entire organization. Productivity, innovation, engagement, quality, service and customer loyalty can skyrocket when you have a positive company culture.

In this presentation, you’ll learn how to make The Attitude Effect work for you. You’ll learn how your interpretation of business and personal stresses impact your work, your attitude and your co-workers, and how to be aware of and re-interpret your attitudes on a day-to-day basis. This presentation won’t teach you how to do your job – you can hire an MBA coach for that. What it will do is demonstrate how practicing good attitude habits helps you become the type of leader people are excited to work with, and give you the tools you need to practice The Attitude Effect at work and in your personal life. (No mantras, group hugs or sing-alongs… promise!)

There Really Is No Such Word As Can’t
Focus: change management, culture, accountability
Format: opening or closing keynote
Alternate titles: There’s Always Something You Can Do; When Amazing is Your Normal

Companies and organizations are constantly facing change. New markets and labour pools open up. New technologies make once-powerful business models obsolete. You may need to implement a simple process change, or completely overhaul your organization’s overall strategy and policy.

No matter what the change is, it’s never easy. According to a 2013 culture and change management survey, the success rate of major change initiatives is a dismal 54%. And although company culture plays a critical role in successful, sustainable change, most companies do not involve lower-level staff in the process and do not leverage the power of culture to navigate that change and ensure it sticks. The result? Employees are confused, productivity plummets, opportunities are lost and morale bottoms out. “Change fatigue” sets in. Cynicism and resistance become the norm. The company stagnates.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can successfully implement sustainable change, no matter how drastic – as long as your people feel like they are an important part of the process.

In this presentation, your audience will learn how to adapt to and embrace change, and recommit to their role in your organization. There are no buzzwords or jargon here – just Alvin using his story and his life to model adaptability, resilience and drive, and inspire your people to stop seeing problems, and start seeing possibilities. By the end, they will see themselves as champions who can make the company and its people more successful, and be excited to jump in and take ownership of their role in the process.

It may sound simple, but this session is a powerful strategic tool in your change management process. It is best used as an opener for a company conference, when you need to either avoid or break through an attitude of resistance and create excitement about and commitment to change. We’ve found the best results occur when the CEO and/or the person leading the change initiative introduces Alvin, as this helps set the tone for not just Alvin’s session but for the overall conference. See how one CEO used this presentation to overhaul a culture of negativity and resistance, and transform a failing company into a profitable one.

Yes, You Can: 5 Steps to Successfully Overcome Anything
Focus: team-building, employee engagement, employee appreciation/motivation
Format: opening or closing keynote; half-day workshop; breakout session

No matter who we are or what our job title is, one thing is true: we are all the leaders of our own lives. We are all creative problem solvers, and we all have unique value we bring to our personal and professional relationships. Thing is, we don’t always remember this about ourselves…or about our friends, family, co-workers, employees and team members. Caught up in the day-to-day grind, it’s pretty easy to forget.

Personal leadership? Responsibility? Resiliency? They are attitudes. And these attitudes can be learned by anyone. They can become habits we practice at work and at home, in our personal and professional relationships. And they can become tools we draw on to successfully face, and overcome, any challenge.

Combining lessons from his remarkable life of being born without arms with his unique insight into personal and workplace challenges, Alvin has developed a series of proven strategies for enhancing and sustaining attitudes of leadership, responsibility and resiliency both on the job and in your personal life. You’ll learn how to apply these time-tested techniques to spark your creativity, recognize your value and the value of those around you, and step into your natural role as leader in your own life.

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