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Mark Zinder, Financial Speaker

Mark Zinder

    • Leading Economic Expert
    • Seasoned Financial Professional 
    • Business Trends Speaker
Fee Range

$10,000 - $15,000

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Mark Zinder Sizzle Reel

Mark Zinder Sizzle Reel

Mark Zinder - Motivational Keynote Speaker

Mark Zinder - Motivational Keynote Speaker

Mark Zinder 2011

Mark Zinder 2011

Mark Zinder is a seasoned financial professional and keynote speaker with a unique gift for making the complicated clear as he examines the trends and ideas actively shaping business today. Mark’s distinctive and captivating style has made him one of the busiest and most requested speakers in the fields of finance, economics and business development.

Mark Zinder came to the financial industry 30 years ago and gained immediate recognition for his engaging seminars and market intuition. He honed his talents as National Spokesman for Franklin Templeton, where he spent over six years consulting with Sir John Templeton, Dr. Mark Mobius, Mr. Michael Price, and other renowned economists and money managers.

Armed with unique insights and a keen understanding of macroeconomic trends that he learned from Sir John Templeton, Mark shares his knowledge and experiences at meetings and conferences around the world. In addition to speaking he coaches advisors and wholesalers to respond and adapt to their clients’ needs in this rapidly innovating industry.

To book Mark Zinder call Executive Speakers Bureau at 901-754-9404.

What Happens Next?  Looking Backwards to See Into the Future

Best for general audiences and keynote presentations. An optional section on capital markets is ideal for financial audiences.

It's been five years since the financial crisis, yet pessimism persists. Budget crises, long-term unemployment, volatile foreign markets – bad news has become the 'new normal'. And the public doesn’t know which pundit to believe. Should we be worried about inflation or deflation? Government debt or declining demand? No wonder polls show that most Americans believe we’re still in recession, and investors are sitting on cash, too afraid to get back in the market.

What if they are all wrong? Have we been blinded by it all? Are we extrapolating the present? The history books are full of examples of previous technology revolutions: the Industrial Revolution, the railroad revolution, electrification, mass production, and most recently, the information revolution. Have we failed to peer around the corner and see that there is a new engine of growth in its very early stages?

The world is changing – technology is accelerating – fortunes are being made. Now is the time to ask yourself, "What Happens Next?"

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • How history has repeated itself, and how it will continue to do so in the future.
  • How, with consistent regularity, the evolution of a new technology revolution unfolds, and how it always unfolds in exactly the same manner .
  • That we are in the early stages of the next technology revolution.
  • How these technology revolutions always complete their cycle in 45 to 60 years. (The microprocessor was invented in 1971, 43 years ago!)
  • To acknowledge the past as a guidepost and use it to see the future before it becomes obvious to everyone else. Optional macro-economic segment for financial audiences:
  • Why the outlook for the economy is positive and why stocks will continue to rise, with the DOW possibly reaching 30,000 by 2020.
  • Why the recovery has been so slow and how the Federal Reserve plans to get the economy moving again.
  • What Ben Bernanke meant when he said the Fed has new “tools”, and why Janet Yellen’s first move may be “down,” not “up.”
  • What the Fed’s “exit strategy” will be and how it is pioneering techniques to control inflation and manage interest rates

This high-energy and informative presentation is designed to help attendees see the world in a more positive light.

“Righting Your Book”

Best for financial audiences. Excellent practice management material.

The business of financial advice has changed continually over the last 30 years. When Mark passed his Series 7, the business cards read “stock broker.” Then came the titles “investment advisor” and “financial planner.” Today we are expected to be comprehensive wealth managers.

But this isn’t just a name change on a business card; it’s a fundamental change in the way we run our business and market our services. Now that the recent financial crisis has created even more dramatic change in our market, more than ever we need to ask ourselves, “What changes am I making to change with it?”

Consider this: the average investor today does business with six to eight different financial professionals: they have a banker, a mortgage broker, a life insurance agent, and three or four different financial advisers. When they retire, they go from working with six to eight, to one or two. As the front edge of the baby boomers start to retire this year, the question is: will you be the adviser that the money is being transferred to—or one of those it will be transferred from?

Areas covered include:

  • Doing business the way your clients want business done
  • Building a business, not just a “book”
  • Refining a plan to get your clients’ financial house
  • How to work more efficiently to maximize your day

"Secrets of the Temple"

A full-length presentation covering everything from money management techniques to monetary policy.

When Mark was National Spokesman for Franklin Templeton Funds in the 1990s, he frequently sat down with Sir John Templeton, Michael Price, and Dr. Mark Mobius with a simple request: “Teach me something I don’t know.” These brilliant individuals were named three of the “Top Ten Money Managers of the 20th Century” for their uncanny ability to see what the rest of the market was missing, and they passed their insights and knowledge on to him.

Although the world of finance is rapidly changing, their secrets are not lost. The Federal Reserve is developing a new “corridor system” to manage monetary policy and interest rates, but very few advisors and investors understand these changes and how it will affect them. Through timeless stories and hidden histories, Mark Zinder uses the past to illuminate the future of the financial industry.

In this new presentation, you will learn:

  • How Sir John Templeton was able to “see it before it became obvious”
  • How Benjamin Graham first developed security analysis
  • How Michael Price adapted the principles of security analysis to unlock hidden value
  • Why Milton Friedman said, “The Federal Reserve caused the Great Depression,” and why the Federal Reserve has been hesitant to raise interest rates
  • The new tools being created at the Federal Reserve and how they will normalize interest rates
  • How to manage money like the masters and how to correctly position yourself for the radical changes taking place at the Federal Reserve

“The History of the Fed and Their Next Historic Move”

Best for top-notch financial audiences.

The economist Milton Friedman famously believed that the Fed caused the Great Depression. In 2002, Fed Governer Ben Bernanke agreed - "You're right. We did it."

We have entered an unprecedented era in the history of monetary policy. Are we fighting inflation or deflation? Are interest rates going to rise or fall? And why has this recovery been so weak? Are there lessons we can learn from our past?

This presentation examines the history of the Fed, how it caused the Great Depression, and how the Fed will make sure it never happens again. Since the financial crisis, Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen have completely revamped our nations monetary policy and introduced new tools to guide interest rates. Bernanke called it "replacing a dull ax with a sharp scalpel."

In this presentation you will learn:

  • How the Fed caused the Great Depression
  • Why printing over $3 trillion (QE1, QE 2, Operation Twist and QE3) did not create inflation
  • How we are still fighting deflation
  • Why the old method of moving interest rates will not work today
  • What the new tools are and how they work
  • Why Alan Blinder told Janet Yellen that she should consider going "down, not up" for her first move as Fed Chairwoman

This presentation boils down complicated Fed reports so that audience members can make sense of the changes taking place at the Fed. Participants will leave with a broader, better understanding of the Fed and the knowledge to better allocate their clients' portfolios.

You will be surprised to learn that what you thought was going to happen is no longer valid.

??“The 6 Common Traits of the Most Successful Financial Advisors”

For over six years Mark Zinder was employed as the national spokesman for one of the most respected money managers in the world, Sir John Templeton. During this time Mark would be asked to speak on behalf of the Franklin Templeton funds at locations around the world. Quite often, these trips were designed to reward some of the top producers in the financial industry. After his speech, Mark would often speak individually and continue to correspond with these high level producers. The most often discussed topic was, “Out of all the financial advisors in the United States (roughly 600,000 of them) what is it that you do that makes you one of the best?” Over the years of interacting with these advisors and evaluating what makes them successful Mark has pinpointed the common traits of the most successful advisors in the country.

In this high energy, thought provoking presentation you will hear the insightful observations from Mark, who was in the trenches and learned from the people achieving the highest levels of success.

Areas covered include:

  • How to talk so your clients will listen...and how to listen so your clients will talk
  • How to see it before it becomes obvious
  • How to get automatic referrals
  • Where the roadblocks to success are and how to avoid them
  • How to create a business plan that works as opposed to the one that is often created but never followed

Speaking Topics:

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