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Lisa Marie Platske

Lisa Marie Platske

    Author / Speaker / Coach
Fee Range

$10,000 - $15,000

Travels From

District of Columbia

Lisa Marie Platske- Testimonials

Lisa Marie Platske- Testimonials

Lisa Marie Platske- Speaker

Lisa Marie Platske- Speaker

Lisa Marie Platske- Leadership Success Summit

Lisa Marie Platske- Leadership Success Summit

Lisa Marie Platske- Promo

Lisa Marie Platske- Promo

Lisa Marie’s journey to becoming a speaker and coach was a non-traditional one and began when she was hired by the U.S. Customs Service several years after college. She showed up at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center with long blonde hair, red, white, and blue fingernails and a pair of black high-top Guess sneakers instead of the stereotypical scowl and combat boots. As you can imagine, this did not go over well. She envisioned sitting at a big mahogany desk with the official seal of the United States of America emblazoned on the name tag on the door to her office. Instead, she got an assignment to work on the rat-infested piers of New York with some pretty cranky men who didn’t think women should be part of their world. (Oh, she has some stories…) And, no desk. And, no office.
She realized quickly that it was going to be VERY different than the detective shows she watched on television as a kid. (No, she was not going to be one of Charlie’s Angels!) And, she recognized that being her soft-spoken and speak-when-spoken-to self was not going to enable her to excel in this arena. She needed to find her voice.
On the job, some of the guys called her “Hair and Nails” and a few did their best to make her life a nightmare, publicly berating and harassing her. But, she worked side by side in filthy assignments in the heat, snow, and rain, lifting boxes, driving a forklift, and sifting through smelly shipments on the contraband enforcement (narcotics interdiction) and EXODUS (money laundering) teams. She was one of the fastest promoted women on the job, and while she doesn’t claim to be the best at enforcement, she was smart, hard-working, quick-witted – and she found her voice. Working in the New York area during 9/11, she worked 16-hour grueling shifts after losing her mentor in the Trade Center bombings.  Over time, she earned the respect from these tough-as-nails men as they treated her like one of the boys. And, when she left federal law enforcement after 10 years, she left with pride, and the nickname “Mary F’in Sunshine”.
While she began her job with a small-town naiveté, and there were days when she was unsure of herself, she learned how to be strong, stand up for what she wanted (she had a no-profanity rule which the guys adhered to….LOL), how to work well with others (even the people you don’t like), not to take other people’s “crap” without being ugly, and how to trust her gut to the point where she now has a built-in “No B.S.” meter.

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The 7 Pillars of Leadership Success:
How to Increase Your Sphere of Influence And Position Yourself As A Leader

Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less. If you’ve got the title and no one is following you, you’re not the leader. Discover these seven powerful steps delivered with immediately implementable strategies to improve your leadership EQ, make the “right” connections, and increase your overall effectiveness as a leader.

  • How to Leverage Bigger Opportunities By Creating Powerful Partnerships
  • Why Your Personality Can Help And Hinder Your Success (and What To Do About It)
  • How to Up-level Your Image and Become More Memorable
  • Why You Need a Personal Brand Regardless of What Industry You’re In
  • Why Influence Is The Key to Being a Great Leader


The Connection…The New Currency:
How to Build & Leverage Your Network to Increase Your Net Worth

Doing everything right isn’t enough to develop lasting relationships. Successful business professionals know that underneath the great product, service, and conversation, there has to be a human connection.

  • Discover Powerful Competitive Strategies to Grow Your Client Database
  • The 4 Biggest Connection Blunders – And How To Avoid Them
  • Why Connections Are More Important Than A Network (And How They’re Different)
  • Captivate Colleagues and Potential Clients with 3 Magic Words


The Attractor Factor:
How to Make a Winning First Impression in 8 Seconds or Less

Is your personal brand bland? Every successful professional knows the importance of those first few moments of contact and, more importantly, they know how to make them memorable.

  • How the Five (5) Simple Steps to Making a Winning First Impression Will Open Doors to Countless Opportunities.
  • Why the “It’s AALL about ME” Method Is Critical to Differentiate Yourself From Your Competition
  • How to Turn Your Presence into Profit

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