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Richie Contartesi

Richie Contartesi

    Youth Motivational Speaker and the Author of “In Spite of the Odds”
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Richie Contartesi

Richie Contartesi

Meet Youth Motivational Speaker and former professional football player, Richie Contartesi. Standing a stellar 5’7″ and weighing in at a magnificent 150 lbs. you wouldn’t think he’d be much of a football player. Instead, he looks more like a chess player. Don’t laugh, he’s good at chess too!

Despite the odds and the naysayers, Richie walked on at Ole Miss and eventually received a football scholarship, started every game his senior year and earned the scholar athlete award twice. His inspirational book, “In Spite of the Odds” tells the triumph and determination.

“In Spite of the Odds” is an inspirational story of hope, determination, and success. After football and as a graduate of Ole Miss, Richie found himself sleeping on couches when he decided to start a business with only $700 in his bank account. That business has became successful and Richie now has a full-time staff managing operations. Born on December 10, 1987 in West Palm Beach, Florida, Richie is the only boy and has four sisters. He knew his athletic ability and resilience for success at a very young age by taking on the challenge of riding a 2 wheel bicycle at 3 years old and winning. His football career started when he was 10 years old and right away he found his passion. Richie was determined to play college football and from hard work in high school he had earned awards and accolades such as: Most Valuable Player, Offensive Player of the Year, and Team Captain among others.

After making a mistake signing with Jacksonville University, he decided to take a chance on himself and follow his dream of walking on at Ole Miss. After 3 coaching staffs, 100’s of setbacks, and almost quitting, he pulled through till the end and earned a full Division 1 football scholarship at Ole Miss. More importantly, he surpassed his wildest dreams of catching passes in the SEC in front of 97,000, starting in all 12 games his senior year, and earning the scholar athlete award twice. At 5’7″ and 155 lbs he won the scholar athlete award twice!

After college, he wasn’t finished. The next dream was to move to NYC and eventually start his own business. He worked for two years in the corporate world and found himself quickly at the top, earning rookie of the year honors. Shortly after, It was time to start his own business.

He made the biggest mistake right away and quickly spent all his savings starting Ripped Athlete. While some may see this as a failure, the lessons learned was invaluable. “I failed, I learned more in that year than I’ve learned my whole life.” Says Richie.

That setback launched another dream where Richie, set out to start Anabolic Technology. Since learning what is takes to start a successful business, I now how the confidence to go out and go do whatever my heart tells me. Like, moving to Florida and playing professional arena football for the FloridaTarpons. This would not have been impossible, if I had a to 9-5 job.

Currently, Richie speaks to Kids and Adults. He has realized through all of this that no matter how much he enjoys defying the odds, his true passion is in helping others defy theirs. As a youth motivational speaker, he helps teens and adults understand that their dreams are closer than they appear. Through all the noise and out of reach possibilities, speaking is truly his favorite way of communicating his passion.

In his spare time when Richie isn’t challenging himself with CrossFit, he spends time with family, friends, golfing, writing, playing/watching football, learning, reading, and running.

You will find Richie a great source of motivation and inspiration for your next school assembly or youth conference. Richie is available for school assemblies in middle school, high school, leadership students, and talking to Parents and Community programs about helping their teen athletes reach the top of their sports and how to go about scholarships.

To book Richie Contartesi call Executive Speakers Bureau at 901-754-9404.

Keynote: My True Inspirational Story

Having a good story is one thing, but saying it in a way that inspires change is a whole other ball game. Richie’s story at Ole Miss has hit 4, #1 best seller lists and continues to inspire thousands of people every day. Inspiring change in our youth requires the power of stories and not just any story, but ones that engage and captivate them. We are tired of being told what to do or being scared into doing things we don’t want to. Instead, we need motivation, comedy, and real life stories to change the way we think in a positive way. Richie dives into the details of the events theme to tailor his speech and message to hit home. Using stories from his own life, Richie encourages positive change and encourages others to reach their full potential. Although he tailors his message to your theme, the message stays the same. Finding your passion, clarity, building relationships, overcoming fear, adversity, and ultimately staying persistent until the end. His story is proof that anything is possible.

Anti-Bullying Program:

Are you alarmed by the epidemic of bullying that is sweeping our nation’s schools? I don’t know who wouldn’t be? I know I am. This interactive anti-bullying program for school assemblies is not just motivational but gives students the tools and steps to overcome bullying with peer leadership, smart choices, and character. Richie understands that a kid is being bullied every 7 minutes that why he has put together this heartfelt program that can give students all the knowledge they needed to avoid becoming targets or victims, while empowering them to help others who are the victims of bullying in JUST 1 hour.

Richie’s audience will learn…

  • How to recognize and respond to bullying
  • When to stand up, when to walk away, and when to tell an adult
  • Empowering students to stand up and not be victims of bullying
  • Cyberbullying and social media effects on the brain and solutions
  • Internet Safety and Reality
  • Practical steps for building confidence, self-esteem and developing resiliency
  • How to prevent and stop bullying through peer leadership and culture

Distracted Driving Program:

Are you afraid that the ones closest to you are drinking and driving? Texting when driving? Not wearing a seat belt? Or getting in the car with others who are doing the same?

Richie is a Distracted Driving Speaker. He had a horrific drinking and driving accident happen to someone very close to him. It not only affected his life, but the 100’s of people of both families, friends and their lives moving forward. Richie spent a lot of time creating a program for safe driving which includes distracted driving, drinking and driving, illegal drugs, and not wearing a seat belt that influences and changes lives.

Richie takes his audience on a roller coaster ride telling his story, presenting the facts, and ultimately providing real life tips, solutions and take aways to prevent serious accidents and to save lives.

Richie’s audience will learn…

  • What is distracted driving
  • How to recognize distracted driving
  • When and how to confront someone else when the are driving distracted
  • Captivating Drunk Driving Death Story
  • How to avoid drunk driving
  • How to avoid getting in the car with others who are drunk
  • Solutions for all distracted driving issues
  • How to prevent distracted driving through peer leadership and culture

Youth Motivational Speaker for Athlete Development:

You know how student athletes think they aren’t big enough and don’t have enough talent to earn a d1 scholarship or make it professionally? Richie uses his experiences of playing football at Ole Miss as well as what he learned from earning a full scholarship as a walk on at 5’7″ and 155 pounds soaking wet. He shows his audiences how to believe in themselves, how they can overcome their fears and challenges, and develop the courage to follow their hearts using a simple 5 step system.

Richie’s audience will learn…

  • Richie assists Athletic teams and players when transitioning on the high school, collegiate, and professional levels
  • Making the transition academically and socially
  • Transitioning from old to new environments
  • Decision making on and off the field
  • The do’s and don’ts of social networking
  • Protecting their image
  • Peer influence and public perception

Motivational Speaker for Parents/Adults/Corporations:

Richie Contartesi used his Ole Miss experiences and lessons in life as well. He started his website design business with $700, a laptop, and a friends couch to sleep on. He was told no, his partner quit on him, and he lost his only client because his partner left. He also is now a #1 Best Selling Author after failing 5th grade and being told his whole life he can’t read or write. Richie understands what it means to start with nothing and find ways to become successful. Now Richie Shares his 7 secrets to accomplishing your “impossible” dreams and make a difference in today’s world.

Speaking Topics:

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