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Laura Stack Speaker

Laura Stack

    The Productivity Pro

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$15,000 - $20,000

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Laura Stack Preview Video 2015

Laura Stack Preview Video 2015

President and CEO

Laura Stack, MBA, CSP, Laura Stack is America’s Premier Expert in Productivity™. For over 20 years, her seminars and speeches have helped professionals, leaders, and teams accelerate individual and team performance, execute efficiently, and improve output in the workplace. Her company, The Productivity Pro, Inc., provides productivity workshops around the globe to help attendees achieve Maximum Results in Minimum Time®. Laura was the 2011-2012 president of the National Speakers Association.


Laura presents over 80 practical, high-energy keynotes and seminars each year on improving output, lowering stress, and saving time in today’s workplaces. She is one of a handful of professional speakers whose business focuses solely on personal productivity topics. Laura is a high-energy, high-content speaker, who educates, entertains, and motivates professionals to improve workplace performance. She has earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, the highest earned designation given by the National Speakers Association.


Laura is the author of six bestselling productivity books published by Random House, Wiley, and Berrett-Koehler, most recently Execution IS the Strategy. Her books have been published in more than 20 foreign editions, and she is a featured columnist for Success magazine.

Recognized Productivity Expert

Laura has been featured nationally on the CBS Early Show, CNN, NPR, Bloomberg, the New York Times, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, and Forbes magazine. Laura has been a spokesperson for Microsoft, 3M, Skillsoft, Office Depot, Day- Timer, and Xerox. Her client list includes top Fortune 500 companies, including Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Aramark, Bank of America, GM, Wells Fargo, and Time Warner, plus government agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service, the United States Air Force Academy, the Census Bureau, the U.S. Senate, and the Department of Defense.ac

To book productivity speaker Laura Stack call Executive Speakers Bureau at 800-754-9404.

What to Do When There’s Too Much to Do: Reduce Tasks, Increase Results, and Save 90 Minutes a Day

Everyone is so overwhelmed with demands today, it’s not uncommon for professionals to work 60 hours a week any more. You’ll learn how to scale back—reduce, reduce, reduce is Laura’s mantra. Laura shows how you to separate the productive wheat from the nonproductive chaff, hone in on high-value tasks, protect the time to do them, and focus on their execution. You’ll find dozens of ways to shrink your to-do list, calendar commitments, distractions, interruptions, information overload, inefficiencies, and energy expenditures. You’ll see how you can be more efficient, organized, and focused, so you can achieve maximum results in minimum time, get out of the office earlier, and get home to the people you love.

YOU Can Be a Productivity Pro Teambuilding Gameshow

Using a fun, fast-paced, game-show format, your audience members will compete over the bragging rights to the title “THE (your meeting here) PRODUCTIVITY PRO!” Using whole-audience techniques and multi-media, everyone will be involved, all the while building stronger teams and learning what it takes to be productive in today’s busy workplaces. You can expect musical instruments, videos, songs, audience interaction, shouting, prizes, and attendees up on stage. But it’s not ALL fun and games! Great content is added to the fun—all customized around the performance focus areas YOU want to highlight for your meeting.

SUPERCOMPETENT®:  The Six Keys to Perform at Your Productive Best

In this keynote, emerging leaders, high potentials, and new leaders will learn how to achieve peak performance in the workplace. In this competitive economy, just being able to do your job is no longer enough. Competence is expected; you've got to be SuperCompetent to get an edge. SuperCompetent will give you proven methods to reach your maximum potential and achieve breakthrough results. You'll get to your productive best by mastering six keys to peak performance.

The Seven Daily Habits of Highly Profitable Salespeople

What separates an average salesperson from a high-performing salesperson? They spend more time on activities that produce sales and less time on those that don't. Simple concept? Yes, but difficult to implement in reality, because most traditional sales training doesn't focus on productivity, and "old school" time management techniques have little application for the salesperson. In this session, you'll learn "real world" methods to manage your schedule, tasks, devices, follow-ups, and email.

Doing the Right Things Right: How the Effective Leader Spends Time

Leaders are so overwhelmed trying to balance the day-to-day operational responsibilities of their jobs, as well as find time to work with their teams and think about strategic initiatives, they struggle with time management and life balance. This keynote, based on Laura’s book of the same title, identifies twelve practices that will enable leaders to be effective and efficient, grouped into three areas where leaders spend their time, called 3T Leadership: Strategic Thinking (Business), Teamwork (Employees), and Tactics (Self). For each practice, Stack offers advice from her 25 years in the trenches, working with thousands of leaders globally. You’ll receive scores of new ideas on how you, your team, and your organization can boost productivity.

Workflow Mastery: Organize Your Time, Tasks, and Inbox

Laura Stack is better at workflow than 99.9999% of people in the world and is the skill that truly sets her apart from all productivity experts. It requires mastery of email handling, planning, scheduling, project, time, and task management, prioritization, and organization. Workflow is the "secret sauce" that separates ordinary performers from the extraordinary. Having these skills will set you apart from the rest. Your team will function at optimal levels with everyone using the same system. Laura's method is bulletproof. Inboxes are empty, and multiple to-do lists are integrated into a single, consolidated system.

The STACK ATTACK™: Mastering Your Workflow, Time, Tasks, Email

Laura STACK will help you ATTACK your organization, email, and time management systems. You will arrive with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, time management system, to-do lists, calendars, and an open mind. You will leave with an empty email inbox, a new organizational system, and a brand-new time management methodology. After this day, you will always know what to do with any piece of information that enters your life in the future. You will watch Laura’s demonstrations of how she actually runs her workflow and then receiving coaching and direction while you do it. This Microsoft certified Outlook expert will also leave behind 12 HOURS of online videos, so you won’t get “stuck” after she leaves.

 This is not a sit-and-watch seminar. This is a hands-on, overhaul-your-system, implement-new-techniques full-day work session. You will first learn my methods by watching Laura demonstrate on her computer and devices, projected on the screen. You’ll then be head down, working down the entire day while I assist you. You’ll learn how to integrate your email…with your smartphone…with your tablet…with your paper…with your laptop…with your online information…with your contacts…with your calendar…you get the point. You will change your Outlook settings, create rules, and integrate all your disparate devices and information into one seamless, productivity-boosting system.

Attack of the Productivity Suckers! The Four Things That Suck the Productivity Right Out of You…and How to Fight Back!

You work hard. You know how to make lists and check things off. You really want to be productive. But everyone and everything else keeps ruining your plans! So many things keep us from doing what we know we should be doing, and we are so distracted, it’s difficult to concentrate on high-value activities. In this funny, high-energy program, Laura Stack aka The Productivity Pro®, reviews the four main things that suck the productivity right out of you! Using fun cartoons, videos, exercises, and anecdotes, you’ll discover your biggest productivity suckers and take away some practical tools to defend yourself.

What to Do When There’s Too Much to Do

Is everyone at work tired of hearing “do more with less”?  Many people are already working as long and as hard as they can, and “productivity improvement” classes can be hard to swallow. Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro®, turns time management on its head and shows overwhelmed professionals how to DO LESS and ACHIEVE MORE. They’ll produce greater results and create significant impact on organizational goals.  Laura teaches her latest thinking using this innovative workflow formula to reduce task lists, reduce commitments, reduce distractions, reduce the glut of information, reduce inefficiencies, and reduce energy expenditure. Past clients using these systems and methods report savings of 90 minutes a day and higher productivity than ever before!





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