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Jim Brazell, Education Speaker

Jim Brazell

    • America's "What's Next?" Speaker
    • Forecasts & Analyzes the Role of Emerging Technologies
    • Advocates for Innovation as the Key to Education
Fee Range

$10,000 - $15,000

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Jim Brazell Speaker Innovation and Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)

Jim Brazell Speaker Innovation and Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)

Audience Testimonials

Audience Testimonials

Jim Brazell is the "What's Next Speaker." What's next in technology, jobs, education, and community innovation. And, what's next in public oratory.

Jim is literally redefining what's next in public speaking by incorporating civil discourse and participatory design into traditional oratory. His programs are highly sought after for the what, why and how of what's next in learning, product design, organizational change and even public discourse.

In 2011, Jim delivered 30 speeches to audiences including keynotes for the Texas Economic Recovery Conference, Florida Futures Forum, National Career Pathway Network Conference, League for Innovation in the Community College STEMtech, National School Board Legislative Network Luncheon and the 25h Annual Career Conference in Wisconsin. 

Jim has authored several emerging technology forecasts and briefs for the Innovation Creativity and Capital Institute and the Texas State Technical College Program for Emerging Technologies. These forecasts analyze the role of emerging technologies and deliver forward-looking recommendations to schools, workforce and economic development practitioners and industry.

Jim has also presented solutions to the financial crisis (2009) and energy sustainability (2007) at the International Conference of Technology Policy and Innovation. 

Jim is a 1995 Summa Cum Laude graduate of Bradley University with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology. He is a 1994 George Gilder Fellow in High Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Public Policy.

Innovation Nation: Living, Learning and Working in the 21st Century.

Robot cars. Virtual reality phones. Supercomputer toys. This is not fiction, not a dream, not the future—this is the world today. As technology continues to advance, organizations and communities are challenged by the pace of change. Part crowd sourcing, part social media and part workshop, Innovation Nation is designed to move your group from thinking to action. Large group interactive sessions and workshops are custom including program title, use of technology (or not) and program activities. Attend Innovation Nation to learn to think like a futurist and to act like an entrepreneur to create the future.

Pathways to the Future: Emerging Technologies, Jobs & Schools 

Fueled by industry and government focus on economic recovery, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) is now seen as a platform for educational reform. Attend the keynote with Jim Brazell to explore:  What does STEM tell us about education, work and society? What are the key skills required of 21st century education, work and citizenship? How are model schools and communities transforming to meet the demands of the 21st Century?

The Future is Here: New Directions and Methods for Schools

Discover the 21st century imperative—that creativity and innovation are a function of connecting theory and action. Explore the following questions: What does emerging technology tell us about education, work and society? What are the key skills required of 21st century education, work and citizenship? How are model schools transforming the stovepipe education model to engage students by creating a culture of participation? The Future is Here is the story of what is next in education.

Cyber-STEM: Discover the Role of "Cyber" in U.S. Workforce Competitiveness, Security and Innovation.

Cyber STEM is the story of how Networking and Information Technology (NIT) have changed the worlds of play, learning, work and civil discourse in the 21st century. Cyber-STEM is crucial to national and global priorities in energy, transportation, education, healthcare and virtually all industries. Cyber-STEM delivers an analysis of how education, workforce and economic development practitioners are responding to emerging national priorities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by integrating CYBER & STEM. Learn about the growing demand for multi-skill information technology, Cyber-STEM and security professionals across industries. Discover emerging technologies, jobs, career pathways and tools for schools.

STEM+ARTS: 21st Century Strategies for Arts Education and Advocacy

21st Century Strategies for Arts Education and Advocacy delivers stories, anecdotes and analysis of the US and global movement to connect the arts way of learning with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. Learn about emerging technologies, jobs, schools and communities integrating ARTS+STEM to define what is next in innovation practice.

The Next Wave: The Role of Career Ed in the STEM Agenda 

Fueled by industry and government focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), career pathways have emerged as a platform for systemic education reform. In effect, the definition of a well-rounded student is evolving from a liberal arts education to a career-integrated education. Discover emerging technologies, jobs, career pathways, and free tools for school. Attend this session to celebrate the tradition, theory and practice of Career and Technical Education (CTE) and discover what is next for the community of practice.

Super Systems: The Role of Education, Workforce and Economic Development Collaboration in U.S. Competitiveness.

America's competitiveness depends on innovation and collaboration. Innovate America is designed to move communities from why they need to change to how they can achieve innovation. Explore emerging technologies, jobs, educational practice and economic development strategy. Learn how you can enhance global competitiveness through local, regional and national collaboration.

Pandora’s X-Box: Video Games, Virtual Worlds and Mixed Reality

While we were not looking, video games leaped out of the box of entertainment into serious domains such as healthcare and military training. Pierce the veil of play and experience what is happening in the dynamic world of games, virtual worlds, mixed reality, and converging media. Dive a reef, travel through the human body and compete in a math-game tournament. From game builders, to game players, to serious games, Jim Brazell delivers insights into trends that are shaping media and life in the 21st century. From emergency response training to language acquisition, video games, virtual worlds, and mixed reality are evolving the landscape of human experience. Experience this world first-hand in Pandora’s X-Box.  

Mr. Roboto: Why Robots Matter in P-20 Education

Explore the emergence of robotics in every day life--from cell phones to automobiles. Why robots matter in K-12 education asks: How are robots changing the relationships among people, the environment and the way we see ourselves in the 21st century? How are robotic systems being used to organize innovation in schools? Why Robotics? And, what is the next generation of robotics education unfolding today? Robotics is the new computer revolution changing work, health, life and the environment in the 21st century. 

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