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Jeanne Bliss Speaker

Jeanne Bliss

    • Customer Service Expert
    • Observer of Companies
    • Customer Experience Expert
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$15,000 - $20,000

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Earning Your Customer's Rave

Earning Your Customer's Rave

Get to Know Jeanne Bliss

Get to Know Jeanne Bliss

Jeanne Bliss is not an evangelist or observer of companies; she is a customer experience expert

As the Customer Leadership Executive for five large U.S. market leaders, Jeanne fought valiantly to get the customer on the strategic agenda, redirecting priorities and creating transformational changes to the brands’ customer loyalty. She has driven achievement of 95 percent loyalty rates, changing customer experiences across 50,000-person organizations.

Jeanne Bliss developed her passion for customer loyalty at Lands’ End, Inc., where she reported to the company’s founder and executive committee as leader for the Lands’ End customer experience. She was Senior Vice President of Franchise Services for Coldwell Banker Corporation. Jeanne served Allstate Corporation as its chief officer for customer loyalty & retention. She was Microsoft Corporation’s General Manager of Worldwide Customer & Partner Loyalty. At Mazda Motor of America she initiated the brand’s retention effort.

After 25 years as the Customer Experience Executive in five major US Corporations, Jeanne founded CustomerBliss  in order to create clarity and an actionable path for driving the customer loyalty commitment into business operations.

Jeanne Bliss is a worldwide customer service speaker, dynamic workshop presenter, and energetic coach and consultant who can transform your organization’s thinking about the customer experience, and put the power of customer profitability to work for you.

To book Jeanne Bliss call Executive Speakers Bureau at 901-754-9404.

Earn Your Customers’ Rave: The Five Decisions of Beloved and Prosperous Companies, Adapted from Jeanne’s Book I Love You More than My Dog: Five Decisions that Drive Extreme Customer Loyalty in Good Times and Bad.
In this keynote or workshop, I take you “behind the scenes” into the decision making that happens inside beloved companies. Discover the five common decisions they make and put into practice that makes them immune to the competition and thriving, in good times and bad. Learn how their culture is their growth engine and the impact of their uncommon decision-making. Then, through this session, begin the process to understand how your decisions and actions have created your culture. Understand its impact on your customers, on your employees and on your business growth and prosperity. Become a Beloved and Prosperous Company.

How to Build Your Customer-Driven Growth Engine, Adapted from Jeanne’s BookChief Customer Officer 2.0: How to Build Your Customer-Driven Growth Engine
Just how do you go about building a customer-centric company? How do you earn the right to growth, by improving customers’ lives? In this keynote or workshop, Jeanne Bliss demystifies how you can successfully lead a customer experience transformation. Built around her five-competency framework that has launched and advanced the customer experience transformation in businesses around the world, Jeanne will navigate you on embedding these competencies to get into action quickly with a united leadership team. And will show you how embedding them will shift your business intent toward earning the right to growth by improving customers’ lives. She will also share some of the over 40 interviews conducted with CCO’s around the world and how they are bringing these competencies to their organizations.

Companies who emotionally connect with customers deliver a memory so strong and powerful in their customer's mind that they go way past just remembering it…to desiring to have it again. And that’s the “cha-ching” that leads to customer profitability.

Becoming a ‘Customer’ Company – How to Get There
Marketing does one thing. Sales does another and Operations yet another. And the frontline has to figure out how to connect all the pieces for the customer. Walk the halls of your company and ask ten people what your purpose with customers is: no doubt you’ll get ten different answers.

Jeanne Bliss puts her 25 years as customer leader in the real-world of corporations to debunk what’s happening in business that puts customers at the bottom of the heap and not at the top of the priority list. And then she immediately helps to reverse the process. In her fast-paced, funny because it’s true and action-packed keynotes, audiences practical advice and actions to take as soon as they get back. They participate in exploring the ‘dance of the silos,’ how we force customers to use ‘organizational navigation devices’ to do business with us and how we’ve actually programmed behavior that works against them.

Laugh at the reality of the truth and breath a sigh of relief learning what can be done about it. Most importantly walk away with hope on how to connect your company to customer growth!

Become a Beloved & Prosperous Company that Earns Social Media Raves & Growth
Helping Companies Grow…by Improving Customers’ Lives
Leading Customer Experience Transformation & Innovation
The role of the Chief Customer Officer
Unite Your C-Suite to Transform Your Business

Unite the C-Suite on Establishing a Chief Customer Officer (CCO) Role.
The role of the Chief Customer Officer is to work with leaders to embed the five competencies to improve customers’ lives. How you introduce a Chief Customer Officer into your business sets the course for its success and for your customer experience transformation. I help clients and recruiters determine if the role is right for them, frame the role and fill the role with the right person with this service. 

Understanding and Committing to “Customer Experience”
There are so many interpretations leaders have about what customer experience is, and how to do the work. This engagement aligns and unites your organization, clarifies the work and enables them to commit to a customer experience commitment, completely informed of the work ahead and their required involvement. 

  • The 5-competency framework to build your customer-driven growth engine.
  • What customer experience transformation requires of leaders.
  • Workshop: Auditing the current state of your customer experience.
  • Workshop: Reality Check Audit of your current state performance in the 5 competencies.
  • Deciding on the best path ahead for your company.

Leadership and Culture to Earn the Right to Customer-Driven Growth

This is a deep dive into Customer Leadership Competency 5: One-Company Accountability, Leadership & Accountability. In this session, leaders begin building a framework for customer-driven decision-making throughout your company. This begins with establishing your “Clarity of Purpose” for the business: why the company exists, and how it operates to improve customers’ lives. Guided by the stages of your customer journey to add operational reality and granularity, leaders then work out by stage, the first draft of your “code of conduct”: what you must always do for customers and employees by stage, and what you will never do by stage of the customer journey. Pre-work includes the culture audit of leadership behaviors from “I Love You More than My Dog: Five Decisions that Drive Extreme Customer Loyalty in Good Times and Bad.” 

  • Pre-work: Culture Audit of leadership behaviors, with results presented to leaders.
  • Keynote: The five decisions made by beloved and prosperous companies.
  • Workshop: Customer Experience Clarity of Purpose and Code of Conduct.
  • Takeaway Action: Leadership “recipe cards” to prompt early & united C-Suite actions.
  • Takeaway Action: Start a “Kill a Stupid Rule” movement to honor customers & employees.

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