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Harry Freedman, Entertainment Speaker

Harry Freedman

    • Customized Comedy Put-ons and Emcee
Fee Range

$7,500 - $10,000

Travels From

New York

Tailored for your Audience

Tailored for your Audience

Exponential Medicine Conference

Exponential Medicine Conference

About a year into Harry Freedman’s comedy career, a then unknown but very well-respected Jerry Seinfeld approached Harry and said, “You’re a good writer,” and added, “I don’t just say that to anyone.”

About the same time, Joan Rivers also caught Harry’s act and invited him to hang out in her dressing room before her shows at the Diplomat Hotel in South Florida.

Over the years, Harry has toured the country, opening for comics like Jerry Seinfeld, Tim Allen, Dennis Leary, Andrew Dice Clay, Paul Reiser, Pat Paulson, Drew Carey (who actually opened for Harry) and many more.

He became friends with Ray Romano and Richard Jeni and opened for both in numerous theaters and clubs across the country, including Carolines in New York City.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s, Harry was featured on VH1 Stand-up Spotlight with Rosie O’Donnell, Comedy on the Road with John Byner, Carolines Comedy Hour on A&E with Richard Jeni, (which Harry also wrote for) and was a prize winner on America’s Funniest People.

He was also a regular at New York’s top comedy clubs including The Improvisation, The Comic Strip, and The Comedy Cellar. In addition, Bill Maher became a big fan of Harry’s, and used to put him on at Catch a Rising Star.

But all of that was merely a prelude to Harry’s next move.

When a friend asked Harry to help in preparing for a corporate comedy put-on, Harry wrote much of the material and knew immediately this was something he also wanted to do. After that friend gave his blessing, a then unknown Ray Romano, also a friend, got offered a put-on for a hospital, which he passed on to Harry.

The video from that speech got Harry 10 more put-ons in the next 6 months. He soon began entertaining some of the biggest companies and associations in the world including Dell Computer, The American Bankers Association, Cox Radio, IBM, and many more.

Harry has always been funny. In high school he was elected to the student government after making a hilarious speech about school policies that got his 600 fellow classmates rolling with laughter, while the school vice principal looked on with an expression of shock.

During his senior year at SUNY Binghamton, Harry was one of only a handful out of 2000 elite New England students, including Ivy Leaguers, to win an award as outstanding delegate at the Harvard Model United Nations. He had become a sharp debater.

After attending 3 semesters of law school in Miami Florida, Harry realized his father’s wishes for him to follow in HIS footsteps as a lawyer and judge were not his own. He did however learn to explore both sides of every issue in depth, which became invaluable for joke writing and he also excelled at Moot Court.

Over the next few years, Harry worked as a managing editor for a humor magazine and feature writer for a Miami Beach Newsweekly. Then he decided to go after his own dream – standup comedy.

When South Florida’s first comedy club opened in Hollywood Florida, on opening night, Harry “killed” for a crowd of 250 people, receiving 5 ovations in 12 minutes. That show changed his life.

He moved back to New York and the rest is history.

Customized Corporate Put-Ons

Bringing in Harry to play the part of an industry expert or newly hired executive. He starts off for real, but after a few minutes of his outrageous quips, everyone realizes they’ve been had - and they love it!

ABSOLUTELY! Each of Harry’s put-ons is completely customized to the client’s need and situation. Sometimes the “spoof” takes the form of poking fun at a general topic you agree on with Harry; sometimes it’s poking fun at specific people that you and Harry select. In either case, you can rest assured it will be a hit with your group.

REVITALIZATION: Nothing refreshes a group better then laughter - as everyone emerges re-energized, ready to tackle new challenges. FACILITATING TRANSITION: From planning to implementation, from completion to beginning, or from work to relaxation, it’s the perfect way to refocus a group on new goals or activities.

FRIENDSHIP & TEAMWORK: Strangers instantly connect, co-workers come closer, and barriers of rank take a break. There’s a glow that remains and fosters better communication and cooperation.


New Character: The Frugal Economist
In times of economic uncertainty like now, sure fire ways to keep your budget in check.Paying your taxes is for suckers.Do your kids really need an allowance?The wealthy are suffering too. I cut the heat in my mansion from 85 to 82.

New Character: Expert on India and China 
The incredible growth of both countries and their effects on the US economy, has made this a very hot topic. I recently portrayed a White House envoy to India and China in NY for 500 alumni of India’s prestigious Institute of Technology.

New Character: Political Spin Doctor
As a former campaign advisor, I reveal the inside secrets behind candidates decisions. (If only Rudy Guliani had listened to my advice, that the early states actually matter)

…Posing as a Business Expert

  • “I think I’ve been asked to speak today in order to help clear up these kinds of issues. After all, I think we’ve all heard the expression: Those that can do - do. Those that can’t do - teach. And those that can’t teach - consult. And those that can’t consult, recruit those that can do, which I think pretty much should explain the whole thing.”
  • “Hopefully by now you figured out that I’m not actually a consultant to your company, and if you haven’t …you’re fired. I’m actually a Stand up comedian from New York and my name is Harry Dilbert Freedman, well, that’s my stage name, my real name is Biff Wilson and the reason I’m really here today is to talk to you about Amway products.”

… Posing as a Transportation Expert

  • ” Some of the airlines may be cutting too many corners. I was on TWA from Florida recently… we flew real low to the ground so we could drop quarters in the tollbooths. We went over a beach, 15 old guys with metal detectors got stuck to the bottom of the plane.”

…Posing as a Real Estate Expert

  • “You can get publicity in the building industry by avoiding glitzy fads and going back to traditional building materials that have proven themselves over the years… like asbestos for example. I say if asbestos was good enough for us when we were kids, it should be good enough for our kids today.”

…Posing as a job Placement Expert

  • ” Above all, remember 1/3 of all applicants lie about their backgrounds, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s good, because that means it’s also okay if you lie about the job. Since they think the company believes their resume, it’s okay for you to let them believe it’s also a good job.”

…Posing as a Technology Expert/Futurist

  • ” Strategic planning also means naming your electronic products carefully. Look what happened to Wang for example. Here’s a company that would still be thriving if their salesmen didn’t have to keep going up to strangers and asking, “Wanna buy a Wang?”• ” I can’t believe they cloned the monkees. They should’ve cloned the Beatles instead - they were a lot better group.”

…Posing as a Health Care Expert

  • “Sometimes as a physician I’ll be in the middle of an operation and realize, “I don’t know what the heck I’m doing.” I like to call that ‘Exploratory Surgery.’”
  • “They’re inventing crazy stuff for medicine. Somebody recently invented a solar powered pacemaker. So now, when the sun goes down, so do you.”

…Posing as a Banking/Financial Expert

  • “I did some work for Citibank… and improved their service, by helping them get rid of their outdoor ATM cash machines and putting them inside; or in other words, we finally brought crime off the streets and into their bank lobbies where it really belongs.”

…Posing as a Legal Expert

  • “I’ve had some legal successes I’d like to share. For example, I helped hand-pick the jury that gave 2.9 million to the woman singed by a cup of Mcdonalds coffee, and I am currently suing for 9 million in a similar case involving Chamomile Herbal Tea.”

…Posing as a Food Industry Expert

  • “Certain foods that are supposedly good for you really aren’t - like hot cereal. Ever walk away from a bowl of hot cereal? You come back 20 seconds later - it’s like a block of cement. I spackled my house with grits. I think the Mafia throws people in the river with Farina Overcoats.”

…Posing as an Environmental Expert

  • “If the spotted owl is so rare, how is it that they keep getting spotted? Obviously, the fact we know they even exist means there’s more then enough of them to go around.”

…Posing as a Credit Card Expert

  • “When I first got a call saying I was wanted by American Express, the first thought I had, was, ‘oh my goodness’ they’re finally coming after me…until I checked my records and realized no, that would actually be Visa; so the good news is that I’m going to use the payment for my speech tonight to finally wipe out my debts with Visa, and begin running one up now on American Express.“I want to add that if for any reason I’m not paid within 30 days for my services tonight, I’ll be adding an extra 18% interest charge for every month they’re late.”

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