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Ed Horrell, Management Speaker

Ed Horrell

    Author and Motivational Speaker
Fee Range

$7,500 and Under

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Ed Horrell - Culture of Honesty

Ed Horrell - Culture of Honesty

For over twenty years, Ed has been captivating audiences across the country with his relaxed style of inspiration and motivation. From FedEx to Delta Airlines from Cellular One to the United States Postal Service, Ed has addressed over one thousand audiences of all types.

As a banquet speaker who utilizes tasteful humor with challenging anecdotes of hope and success, Ed weaves a tapestry of unforgettable stories which will have your audience enjoying an emotional ride all evening…and recalling what they heard the next day. One uncompromising promise Ed makes to all of his audiences has always been kept…they WILL enjoy his program!

A successful businessman in his own right, Ed has the ability to relate and connect to any audience, whether large or small, regardless of gender or age makeup. His respect for his listeners is apparent, especially when measured by the common evaluations of his talks that include comments regarding how his audience members felt as if Ed were talking to me personally.

Ed's topics vary from group to group, depending upon the interest and needs of the audience. He speaks primarily on the impact of values in management and customer service and how eliminating indifference in the workplace can be accomplished through kinder interpersonal communications.

Set your expectations for your next banquet or meeting high…expect professionalism, entertainment, inspiration, and humor. If you want aerobics, cheerleading, or board breaking, look somewhere else. However, if you want your audience to be electrified and satisfied, consider Ed for your next special event.

Let The Lion Roar - How To Feed Your Customers What They Want

Customer Service

In this fast paced three (3) hour program, Ed Horrell will teach the secrets he has learned from the research for his next book Would You Like Some Kindness With Your Fries? as well as from the numerous calls and emails from his syndicated talk show “Talk About Service”.

Included in the seminar will be:

  • How to feed your customers what they want (thus the name of the seminar)
  • The only way to know what they want (you have to know what they want to feed them)
  • The reason you lose customers (and how to eliminate it)
  • How the Law of Attraction works in customer service (you can attract the customers you want)
  • What the Ritz-Carlton does (that you aren’t doing)
  • How you can learn from the Nordstrom employee handbook (and you’ll want to)
  • Why Chick-fil-A employees are different than other fast food employees (and they are)
  • How the Onion Effect works (and how it works in YOUR business)
  • What you can learn from L.L. Bean (and put it to work)
  • How to take advantage of the Pareto Principle – the 80/20 ruleWhy customer satisfaction isn't enough (and why most companies ‘just don't get it’)
  • The 10 Principles of Customer Service that every company should practice
  • The 10 Steps for a Cultural Makeover
  • The “Cheers” philosophy of Customer Service
  • Steps to Quick-start your Customer Service Basics

Attendees will leave entertained, informed and inspired to make changes in the way their company looks at customer service. There is a paradigm shift going on in customer service. Horrell challenges attendees to choose between being an observer or being an active participant by learning what the best companies are doing and then implementing these practices in their own company.

THE PYRAMID PRINCIPLES - Six Secrets to Make Your Small Business Famous

Small Business Marketing

The Pyramid Principles, as taught by speaker, author and talk show host Ed Horrell, consists of specific steps, which must be taken by small businesses to position their business as “THE” business to call when a prospect or customer needs their product or service.

In this fast-paced three (3) hour program, Horrell describes these steps and how they build top-of-mind awareness for small businesses. Specifically, he describes the use of the following techniques:

  • How to “Perfect the Niche” for the small business. This involves the development of the “perfect” market and an understanding of where this market “congregates”.
  • How to initiate the “Press” (i.e. newspapers and magazines) to aid in telling your story. Horrell shows how to deal with them and get their attention the right way.
  • How to use the “Platform”. In this section, Horrell shows the right and wrong ways to use public speaking to spread your company’s message.
  • How to use “Publishing” for your company image. Horrell explains why he feels that being published is a “must” for anyone claiming expertise and shows the various ways to accomplish this, from traditional book publishing through e-books and newsletters.
  • How to effectively use your “Presence” on the Internet and secrets to create traffic to your site.
  • How to sell peripheral “Products” on your website to keep your top-of-mind awareness.

Horrell addresses how these steps are used together to build a platform of marketing success that will help companies become more highly recognized in their market.


Personal/Professional Development

This popular seminar deals with understanding how people see you, how to understand your personal behavioral style to compliment others, how to reduce conflict, and observe and understand the behavior of other people. Ed draws from the Silver Rules found in his first book More Than Words and includes a behavioral assessment for attendees.

Key points that will be taught:

  • People like to work for and buy from people they like; learn how to deal with employees in your company better by understanding what drives and motivates them
  • Behavior is observable and predictable; learn how the employees in your company will tend to behave
  • The way the employees in your company behave will tell you how they want to be treated
  • Learn what motivates the employees in your company to be more effective in their jobs, to be happier and to take positive action
  • Learn how to modify your approach based on the behavior of others
  • Learn how you are seen by others in your company and why this is so important
  • This is a fast paced seminar that is a must for people who want to understand more about themselves; and how they can be more effective in dealing with their fellow employees and managers, as well as their friends 

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