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Doug Stevenson, Doug Stevenson Speaker

Doug Stevenson

    Master storyteller with Emotional Eloquence, Dramatics and Humor
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$10,000 - $15,000

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Doug Stevenson: Keynote Speaker

Doug Stevenson: Keynote Speaker

Is the morale of your people low due to our challenging economy? Are you finding it difficult to motivate them to achieve their goals? If so, consider a high energy, uplifting motivational keynote that will rock them out of their complacency.

Get Out of Your Own Way is a rock and roll motivational keynote experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard.

Do your leaders speak and present with the same confidence with which they lead? Do they engage people's attention with metaphors and stories that stimulate their listener’s imagination? Do they know how to inspire, influence and motivate?

If not, you need Doug Stevenson's Emotional Eloquence – The Lost Language of Leadership program. Are your leaders, managers and salespeople looking for a competitive advantage?

Do your sales people rely too heavily on facts and data, features and benefits? Do they rely on PowerPoint to sell instead of delivering powerful and engaging presentations?  If you want your people to out sell the competition, you need Doug Stevenson's Storytelling in Business is Serious.

Doug is the creator of The Story Theater Method for strategic storytelling in business and author of the book Doug Stevenson’s Story Theater Method, formerly titled Never Be Boring Again. He is also the creator of The 21-Step How to Write and Deliver a Dynamite Speech System. He not only presents transformational speeches, he analyzes and reveals what he has just done. Not only does he make you laugh and cry, he teaches you how he does it. He’s like a magician who performs a wonderful magic trick, and then takes you behind the curtain to show you all of his secrets. Doug Stevenson is a former professional actor who spent 20 years performing in everything from Snoopy to Shakespeare and in movies and TV. In his first movie he was karate chopped by Chuck Norris and in his last he portrayed a pervert on a Perry Mason Movie of the Week.

On the practical side, Doug understands marketing, sales and customer service because he has owned a number of businesses including a real estate brokerage. He learned his lessons in leadership while serving on the board of directors and then as the president of a state association. And finally, Doug learned how to embrace diversity by speaking in different countries to people of different cultures. To book Keynote Speaker Doug Stevenson, contact Executive Speakers Bureau at phone number 800-754-9892.

As a speaking and storytelling coach, he has coached over 1000 business professionals from CEOs to entrepreneurs to a member of the House of Lords in London.

His corporate clients include Microsoft, Cisco, Amgen, Bayer, Caterpillar, Oracle, State Farm Insurance, Hewlett Packard, Maytag, UPS, the IRS and many others. His association clients include The National Education Association, The American Medical Association, The National Association of Realtors, The Wisconsin Municipal League, The Cattleman’s Beef Association and others. He has spoken, trained and coached in the US, Canada, Denmark, Austria, Australia, Singapore, England, Ireland and Germany. To book Keynote Speaker Doug Stevenson, call Executive Speakers Bureau at phone number 800-754-9404.

Get Out of Your Own Way – Succeed Now!

Successful people know that “safe is a very dangerous place to be.” They take responsibility for their actions and capitalize on their gifts and talents. In this hilarious, moving and inspiring keynote, Doug takes his audience on a roller coaster ride of emotion as he shares Story Theater stories of risks taken, mistakes made and lessons learned. He challenges his audience to create a “no apology – no excuses zone” and to “stand in their power” as they “love themselves and let them watch.” With shouts of “Gooyow!” reverberating throughout his speech, your audience will be pumped up, supercharged and ready to succeed now!

Story Theater – Strategic Storytelling for Business Presentations

Do your executives, managers, supervisors and team leaders make presentations at company functions? Would you like to help them improve their ability to make a point and gain critical buy-in to new ideas and changes? Strategic storytelling is the answer. A well-crafted story is a compelling tool for delivering content. It communicates its point effectively and leaves a lasting, positive impression on the listener. A well-told story is a critical element in all business presentations. Are your leaders good storytellers?

Strategic StorySelling for Sales Success – Sell It with A Story

It’s no secret: the best salespeople are great storytellers—Story Sellers! They don’t just talk about features and benefits, they tell stories of how a product will work for their prospects. A savvy salesperson who understands the principles of Strategic StorySelling can also use public speaking opportunities to introduce themselves and their product or service to multiple prospects at the same time. This unique method will create top of mind awareness among your prospects and brand you and your business. When they need your product or service, they’ll call you first.

How to Write and Deliver a Dynamite Speech

Leaders and speakers have to do more than just give a speech. They have to create an experience. They have to move beyond content to connection by using stories, illustrations and imagery. This program shows how to stimulate an audience’s auditory, visual and kinesthetic senses – to move them to action. The Dynamite Speech System has 21 Steps, described in three phases: Strategic Design; Creative Development; and Preparation and Delivery. In this presentation, Doug introduces his systematic approach to achieving dynamism from the speaking platform. Available in keynote or workshop format.

Emotional Eloquence – The Lost Language of Leadership

Emotional Eloquence is the next step in leadership development for current and high potential future leaders. This program shows leaders how to translate the qualities of emotional intelligence into speeches and presentations that inspire people to achieve better results. Leaders at all levels, but especially executive and director level leaders, need to re-learn how to inspire and motivate, to be wisdom-sharers. Emotionally eloquent leaders speak to people’s highest aspirations, thereby gaining emotional buy-in from their employees. Their speeches improve morale and inspire confidence in leadership.

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