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Dave deBronkart Speaker

Dave deBronkart

    • Top Spokesman for Patient Experience, Engagement, & Safety 
    • Mayo Clinic’s 2015 Visiting Professor in Internal Medicine
    • High-Tech Businessman Who Faced Death and Survived Stage IV Kidney Cancer
Fee Range

$10,000 - $15,000

Travels From

New Hampshire

Dave deBronkart - 2018 demo

Dave deBronkart - 2018 demo

Dave deBronkart: Meet e-Patient Dave

Dave deBronkart: Meet e-Patient Dave

Dave deBronkart is an inspiring, entertaining speaker, a businessman who has earned extraordinary medical credentials: he was the Mayo Clinic’s Visiting Professor, was in the HealthLeaders cover story “Patient of the Future,” co-founded a medical society, is a patient advisor to the editors of the BMJ, and the National Library of Medicine is capturing his blog in its History of Medicine. His work now includes C-level roundtables and board retreats as well as conference keynotes.

An accomplished business communicator before defeating Stage IV cancer, he has been recognized internationally as a thought leader in healthcare’s evolution, with three books in nine languages and a TED Talk with a half million views in 27 languages. With hundreds of events in 18 countries, he has consistently received strong ratings from ESB clients.


Dave’s achievements as a speaker are unique among patient voices, as is his recognition by the medical establishment:

  • His TED Talk “Let Patients Help” has been translated into 26 languages, and with over a half million views was for years among the most watched TED Talks of all time. 
  • In 2012 the National Library of Medicine began capturing Dave’s blog into its History of Medicine Division.
  • In 2013 he became an advisor to the editors of the British Medical Journal on their patient panel and published his first invited article there.
  • In 2014 he was invited to deliver a plenary address to the 100th annual meeting of the National Board of Medical Examiners, followed by a thought leadership session at the annual meeting of the Association of American Medical Colleges, which received a standing ovation. 
  • In 2015 he was the Mayo Clinic’s Visiting Professor in Internal Medicine and is a Platinum Fellow on the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network. 

A co-founder and Chair Emeritus of the Society for Participatory Medicine, Dave deBronkart has published over a thousand blog posts and dozens of articles and cover stories and has spoken at nearly 600 events in sixteen countries, addressing audiences from hospitals to governments to medical schools and private and public companies. He’s appeared in Time, Wired, USA Today, the Washington Post, MIT Technology Review, U.S. News, and the Health Leaders cover story “Patient of the Future.” In 2009 HealthLeaders named him and his doctor to their annual list of “20 People Who Make Healthcare Better.” 

Facing imminent death has given Dave an inspiring and urgent perspective on empowering the ultimate stakeholders – the patient and family – in partnership with care providers, to better help healthcare achieve its potential.

To book Dave deBronkart call Executive Speakers Bureau at 901-754-9404.

The opioid crisis: integrating behavioral and primary care

Since 2012 I’ve been a patient voice in the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ)’s project to merge behavioral and mental health into primary care, the Integration Academy. The project has renewed urgency in the era of surging opioid deaths. Beyond opioids, all behavioral and mental health problems dramatically affect the patient’s role in health and care: Who can perform any job well if they have mood problems or worse? In this extremely current time-sensitive talk I will share the perspectives of the academics, clinicians, and financial experts I’ve worked with and specific next steps providers can take.

AI in healthcare: What’s the matter with Watson?

Artificial intelligence is real and expanding, but getting it right isn’t easy. Famously, IBM Watson failed to improve cancer care, spectacularly blowing hundreds of millions in the process.  Innovation veteran and IT marketer Dave deBronkart was part of the earliest meeting that found cracks in Watson’s intellectual armor – cracks that turned out five years later to be its “cause of death.” A futurist and avid fan of artificial intelligence, he puts an evidence-based finger on the fatal flaws that made the Jeopardy genius become a chump in oncology and teaches how we should think differently about medicine’s AI-enabled future.

Patient Experience: an engaged business leader’s view

With humor and insight, Dave presents lessons learned from his many patient experiences and from his business career about the value of hearing customer perspectives and tying them to business outcomes in three domains: customer experience, business and social change, and cultural transformation. Dave and his doctor are international thought leaders on partnering with patients, as co-founders of the Society for Participatory Medicine. Scientifically trained, Dave authored of one of 2017's highest-impact articles in Patient Experience Journal.

Beating pre-diabetes with apps and a course at the Y

Type 2 diabetes is a major concern under accountable care and population health – but I’m living proof that change is possible. I got that diagnosis in my 60s and beat it by successfully changing my behavior, aided by e-health apps. I'll share the story of how I changed my diet, walked a lot, then ran a mile (for the first time in my life!), became a 5K runner, and wound up with a cover story in a diabetes journal. As always I tell it with humor amid the insights, and emphasis on the patient’s perspective on a chronic diagnosis.

Us aging Americans: Myth-busting, the truth, and the future ahead

Did you know more than half the humans who’ve ever been 65 are alive today? That’s amazing – but I speak from personal experience when I say 65 ain’t what it used to be! Nor is geriatrics. As one of the first guests on the popular podcast Better Health While Aging, for years I’ve studied the knowledge gaps that separate family care from over-60. With tales of becoming a runner at this age, my wife’s knee replacements, my classmates, and eye-popping statistics (NOT the usual), I’ll share why I’m optimistic about my future and ours, and how healthcare providers can re-optimize for better care with better methods.

Patient progress around the world

From New Zealand and Australia to Switzerland, Stockholm, and Dubai, I’ve had the privilege of learning from audiences and sponsors in hundreds of events in 18 countries. OpenNotes, patient rights, transparency and cultural trends all vary widely, from the best (New Zealand’s avid adoption of e-health) to countries that openly advertise “Don’t google it – trust a professional!” What can we learn from the different stages of this rolling wave of social change?

Palliative Care: Let patients tell us what care really means.

Diagnosed suddenly with Stage IV cancer, I looked death in the eye and had no idea if I’d survive; I needed all the help I could get to endure my treatments and maintain my spirit. At a recent conference on palliative care my keynote earned a standing ovation – not a common occurrence, the sponsors said. In the era of patient experience scores, new ways of listening to patients and families can open profound new doors to better care, better outcomes, lower costs, and higher satisfaction. I’ll share my personal perspectives, both spiritual and scientific, and the challenges of changing the culture for families as well as providers, to make the most of what’s possible when care is the ultimate goal, separate from a cure.

The Quantified Self: How data patients collect is changing what’s possible

Diagnosed as pre-diabetic, I used apps and wristbands to lose 40 pounds and become an active adult for the first time in my life. My wife lost 20 pounds too, and a year into it I even became a runner. Continuous feedback empowers behavior change, and that matters: there’s hope for improvement in the Medicare years! I’ll share the context – the role home health data has always played, from thermometers to bathroom scales to blood pressure monitors and home glucose tests – and the progression to apps and step counters, and on to the leading edge: the smartphone ECG and the open source, home-made “artificial pancreas,” which is giving dozens of patients unprecedented glucose control. It is amazing.

Population health: the role of empowerment and engagement

The shift to accountable care means providers have more reason than ever to help patients succeed between visits – but how to do it?? As a co-founder of a medical society devoted to the patient-clinician partnership, I share personal experience and evidence how medicine is starting to understand what empowerment and engagement mean in practical clinical terms. Using validated models from empowerment movements outside healthcare, I’ll explain how it really works (how it feels!), and how data, training, and access to coaching can transform what your patients achieve. 

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