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Chris Helder Speaker

Chris Helder

    • The Power of Influence
    • Communication & Influence Master
    • Author of “Useful Belief”
Fee Range

$15,000 - $20,000

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Chris Helder Keynote Demo

Chris Helder Keynote Demo

Chris Helder - Creating Impact

Chris Helder - Creating Impact

Chris Helder Speech Video

Chris Helder Speech Video

Do you ever wish you had more influence over your team, clients or colleagues?

Chris Helder is one of the most exciting speakers in the world right now. A dynamic speaker who delivers the “Power of Influence”, his highly entertaining messages have literally transformed how businesses communicate with their clients.

One of the most exciting speakers in the world right now, Chris Helder’s presentations are a high energy and hilarious look at understanding and influencing human behavior. From leading a team to winning that career-making account, audiences discover the keys to influencing themselves and those around them. These skills range from adjusting to different personality ‘intensities,’ to easily reading others in order to establish a powerful connection.

A certified practitioner of NLP (INLPTA), Chris has synthesized his work from NLP, advanced communications, and behavioral modeling. Drawing from many different fields of research, he has created a simple yet powerful model around creating powerful influence – consisting of a series of 1% shifts that participants can immediately make to dramatically improve their results.

Speaking at conferences in the areas of sales, communication, and leadership. Chris’ incredible combination of humor and highly tailored content ensures that every audience member leaves engaged and inspired to take their influencing skills to a new level. His global client list includes Citibank, Merrill Lynch, Glaxo Smith Kline, Toyota, Fuji Xerox, Levi’s and IBM.

Regularly presenting his high impact messages throughout Asia Pacific, USA, and Europe. Chris Helder is also the acclaimed author of Street Smart: Playing and Winning the Corporate Game, The Ultimate Book of Influence: 10 Tools of Persuasion to Connect, Communicate, and Win in Business, and Useful Belief.

Matching Skills

An engaging look at the power of matching body language to gain rapport with our clients (both externally and internally).

The 1 percenters (Posture, Eye Contact, Smile, Gratitude, Energy) 

These are the key physical and mental adjustments that separate how 'attracted' people are to doing business with you. These are the tools of engagement that separate the top people from everyone else.


This is the 'ultimate tool of communication' and is used in building relationships in the areas of sales, leadership, customer database, parenting and, of course…the art of small talk and cocktail party excellence. 


This is a modern look at goal setting and KPIs without getting bogged down in the corporate speak. This tool is about creating clarity by using NLP techniques to create a compelling future which delivers the 'why' and the activities and behaviours of success. 

The Personality Colours

One of Chris's most popular tools, Chris takes participants on a unique ride to understand different types of people and personality types. This high energy and hilarious look at people helps everyone from managers, leaders, sales people...anyone who has to deal with human beings as part of their job description! 

Generational Leadership/Generational Selling

Chris's latest tool demonstrates how to influence each of the generations in the modern workplace – Generation Y, Generation X and the Baby Boomers. Generation Y now makes up between 30-50% of the work force in most organisations and no one has ever showed these employees how to truly influence older generations. By understanding how to communicate with different generations, people can use the tools in a specific way to positively affect their outcome.

Breaking Down the E-Wall

In this world of e-mail, it is taking longer than ever to get ideas and sales over the line. This tool is about the five keys of breaking down the electronic wall that clients hide behind to avoid making decisions. This is about avoiding the game of E-Pong and how to move our customers and clients to take action.

Equalise then Separate

This is the 'ultimate tool of selling' and the better salesperson you are, the more you will appreciate this concept. While most people try to sell 'everything', this tool teaches the participants to truly how to identify what differentiates them from the competitor. This is GOLD!

The Butterfly

The number one thing that holds people back is FEAR. This tool is about re-framing anxiety and the process that leads to procrastination and failure. Using NLP techniques, these feelings are re-framed to become 'action signals' to take action towards achieving the outcome.

Positive, Positive, Positive, Negative

This is the 'ultimate tool of persuasion' because it will get clients and customers (both internally and externally) to take action with what you want them to do. One of Chris's most popular tools, this is a hilarious look at everything from closing business to getting your teenager to clean their rooms!

Reading Body Language

This is one of Chris's most popular presentations as it is a complete look at how to know what is REALLY being said. While 55% of our communication is body language, most people have no idea what is really being communicated. While the customer seems to be listening, with this information you will know what they really think of your presentation and will give you the clues and cues to what should be your next move.

Useful Belief... Because it's better than Positive Thinking

Imagine your team having a useful belief about their approach to the customer experience? This presentation is a game changer in the field of motivation and performance. For years, people have been told to try and be “positive”. The reality is that when most people try this they are unable to sustain it and end up feeling worse than when they started out.

This is a presentation about “action.” It is not about being “positive”, but rather asking questions of yourself such as, “What is the most useful thing to believe about this situation?” and “What is the most useful thing that I could do today to get me closer to where I want to be?” Positive thinking is about a feeling, while Useful Belief is all about “action”.

This presentation will help participants to:
* Alter the approach and be more effective when tackling tasks

* Give a new framework to help improve the focus of your time and energy

* Improve your approach to make practical decisions in the workplace

* Increase your results by taking the right action

* Feel empowered and motivated by changes they can make right away

The Power of Influence

This is the presentation that has made Chris one of the most popular presenters in Australia.

This powerful program makes an IMMEDIATE impact in the areas of communication and maximising the customer experience. Prepare for a HIGH ENERGY presentation that will leave participants with 'tools' to PERSUADE and INFLUENCE. Chris has a fresh approach that concentrates on understanding those you are trying to influence, in order to create a stronger connection and ultimately results. 

This presentation will help participants explore:
* The greatest communication, persuasion and influencing tools that are practical and can be implemented immediately

* Learn a list of ”1%” behaviours that significantly improve your results and relationships.

* Increase your persuasion skills to get clients to take action 

Cut The Noise

Chris Helder’s brand new keynote! This is a program, which addresses that we are all inundated every day with so much NOISE! With everything from media, social media, endless emails and countless meetings, it can feel like fifty thousand things hitting us from every direction. In business today it becomes even more important than ever to identify what gets results and what is simply a waste of time. This compelling keynote will have an immediate impact on your ability to FOCUS and PRIORITISE for greater success. Within this session audiences will explore these brand new techniques:

* Accelerated Focus – technique to increase concentration and demonstrate to participants how they can achieve more in less time

* Circles of Importance – technique for prioritisation, simplification and eliminating distraction

* 10 Seconds of Guilt…Move On – technique to manage internal negativity and increase individual production

Chris can also tailor programs in the areas of time management, prospecting for new business, scripts for winning business and presentation skills. It is Chris's depth of quality content that has allowed Chris to take one keynote presentation and turn it into extensive multi-year training programs.

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