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Catherine Kaputa, Branding Speaker

Catherine Kaputa

    • Brand Strategist
    • Led the Award-Winning “I ♥ NY” Campaign
    • Launched SelfBrand LLC, a New York City-based Personal Branding Company
Fee Range

$10,000 - $15,000

Travels From

New York

Catherine Kaputa Speaking Demo Reel

Catherine Kaputa Speaking Demo Reel

From Madison Avenue to Wall Street to the halls of academia, Catherine Kaputa perfected her ability to market products, places, and companies. She learned brand strategy from Al Ries and Jack Trout at Trout & Ries Advertising, and then led the award-winning “I ♥ NY” campaign at Wells, Rich, Greene. For over ten years she was SVP, Director of Advertising and Community Affairs at Citi Smith Barney, and she taught branding and advertising at New York University’s Stern School of Business.

Yet Catherine discovered that the most important application for branding is not for products — it’s for individuals to define and own their career identity and create their own performance success. That’s why Catherine launched SelfBrand LLC, a New York City-based personal branding company and wrote the award-winning book, You Are a BRAND! How Smart People Brand Themselves for Business Success, winner of the Ben Franklin award for Best Career Book 2007 and a bronze IPPY award. (The hardcover edition was published as U R a Brand!) Catherine’s new book on women’s leadership is The Female Brand, Using the Female Mindset to Succeed in Business.

After all, corporate icons and star entertainers all understand what it takes to be in control and in demand — a unique brand. In her talks and workshops, Catherine shows you how to use principles from the commercial world of brands and apply them to the best asset — you. Catherine has spoken at a wide range of organizations as part of talent development, sales training, motivational and client meetings and diversity and women's initiatives. She has been featured on CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, Fortune, The London Observer, Pink Magazine and was a “Cool Friend” on TomPeters.com. Catherine has a BA from Northwestern University, an MA from the University of Washington and was a Ph.D. Candidate at Harvard University.

To book branding specialist and keynote speaker Cathering Kaputa call Executive Speakers Bureau 901-754-9404.

Branding Keynotes

You Are a Brand! Brand Yourself for Success

Corporate icons and star entertainers all understand what it takes to be in control and in demand— a unique brand. You will learn through vivid case-study examples how to apply brandstrategies to your best product — Brand You. You’ll learn key branding principles such as how todo a personal brand audit, be able to brand yourself in one sentence, how to apply the principlesof Visual Identity and Verbal Identity, and how to develop a personal marketing plan to achieveyour goals. Catherine Kaputa’s trademark You Are a Brand! talk or workshop is custom-tailored tothe group and industry and focuses on the strategic and creative branding process.

The Elevator Speech: Your 60-Second Personal Commercial

Many of us never took a course in communication or persuasion. Yet the ability to quickly pitchourselves, our ideas and services, negotiate a good deal for ourselves or our company, andpersuade others impacts us every day. This talk covers how to create an “Elevator Speech” thatwill give you an edge in selling yourself and your accomplishments.
Social Power: Networking Ph.D.Learn how to build better relationships within your company — the foundation for your futurewithin the company. Learn how to network better externally — the foundation for success in yourindustry. Learn how to build the all-important strategic network of sponsors and business leadersfor mutual bene?t.

Leadership Brand: Brand Yourself as a Leader

While many believe that leaders are born not made, in fact, we can all learn how to be effectiveleaders. This talk or workshop will cover the imperatives that all leaders must master, includingthe key imperatives such as communicating to and motivating others and trust. Through vividcase study examples and new research on how people are perceived as a leader, you will learnhow to brand yourself as a leader that others trust and want to follow.
Career Strategy: Creating a Career Path to LeadershipDestiny is a dramatic word — but the ?rst step in branding is identifying your business destiny.You need to determine your personal brand, the unique value you — and only you — bring to theorganization, and develop a game plan using leadership and in?uencing others to reach yourbusiness destiny.


Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship Talks

Breakthrough Branding: Transforming a Small Idea Into a Big Brand

Catherine Kaputa’s trademark Breakthrough Branding talk or workshop is custom-tailored to the group and industry and focuses on the strategic and creative branding process. In this speaking program, you’ll learn:

  • Brand Strategy: How to find your idea and position it advantageously in the marketplace.
  • The New Principles of Naming and Verbal Identity:  Developing a unique, memorable name and wrapping your brand in “story” is especially important in the Internet age
  • The Visual Hook: How having a distinct visual symbol shape, color or other visual device can tattoo your brand in the minds of customers and promote sales.
  • Social Media and the New Rules of Marketing: How marketers are leveraging the power to social media and community-building online
  • Brainstorming and Innovation: How to create a culture of innovation in your company.

Innovation, Creativity and Branding-Building  (for employees in companies)

This talk or workshop presents new research on innovation and creativity that shows there is no “creative gene,” we can all learn to be more creative. Through vivid case study examples and creativity, ideation and innovation principles, you’ll learn how to turn on your inner creative genius, be more successful in brainstorming session and develop a company culture that fosters creativity, innovation and competitiveness.

What’s in a Name? The New Principles of Naming and Verbal Identity in the Internet Era

This talk will cover the essentials of a great brand name and the new complications in today’s digital age, and how to create a brand name that’s ownable, memorable and can travel globally. What’s Your Brand Strategy? Competitively Positioning Your Product or ServiceStrategy is the brains of branding. This talk will introduce 13 successful positioning strategies used by marketers, and how to find the best competitive positioning for your brand.


Female Leadership Talks

The Female Brand: Using the Female Mindset for Business Success

This talk will introduce new findings in gender research and female aptitudes, and how it can be different for women in the business world. Based on the research and ideas in Catherine’s book,The Female Brand, attendees will learn the top female aptitudes for personal branding, such as emotional intelligence, verbal agility, people power, and a collaborative leadership style. Every person will leave with fresh insights and practical ideas they can apply to build a successful career identity that gives them impact and recognition.

You Are a Brand! The Power of a Personal Brand

When it comes to personal branding, women have some catching up to do. In general, studiesshow women are not as good as men when it comes to branding and marketing themselves inbusiness. This can be a problem for women and brand them as lacking confidence, initiative,or even competence in the business world. This program will show you how to brand yourselfsuccessfully and authentically. The program covers the multi-step branding process, developingyour own brand strategy, and a marketing plan to bring value to your career and your company.

Female Brand Series

This series will show you how to:

  • Part 1: Brand Yourself for Success
  • Part 2: Leverage Female Aptitudes
  • Part 3: Create a Leadership Brand to Lead and Influence Others

Creating More Female Leaders

In order to see change in female representation at higher levels in companies, we need to trainnot just women but also male leaders on the complexities of gender and the value of inclusiveleadership. This talk will present insights into why it can be different for women in business andhow we can create more female leaders — for high potential women and senior men.

Grow: Women Entrepreneurs Who Transform a Small Idea Into a Big Brand

While women are opening businesses in record numbers, they lag far behind on lists of the fastest growing and largest small businesses. Many female entrepreneurs get stuck in the shallow end of small business. They don’t have the brand visibility, customer relationships, capital, systems or marketing tactics in place to grow big. This talk will focus on women who built big businesses and how they did it.


Communication, Pitching and Selling Talks

Public Speaking Power: Speaking to Influence and Engage

Great business presenters know how to use the power of story, names, and metaphors to inspire, persuade, such as The Quest, Lost in a Strange Land, the Parable, the Love Story, and others. It will also present new research on influence and persuasion to make you a more powerful presenter.

What’s Your Pitch? Speaking to Persuade

Many of us never took a course in persuasion. Yet the ability to pitch ourselves, our ideas and ourcompany’s products and services, negotiate a good deal for ourselves or our company, and persuade others impacts us every day in business. This talk will cover how to structure the right pitch for the target person, how to figure out their personality profile and hidden agenda, and how  to persuade your clients.

Closing the Sale with Your Brand

In sales, you’re selling the person — Brand You — as much as your product or service. Great sales professionals, like brands, are truly customer-focused and develop a special “brand experience” like the best products and services have. Through real life examples, you will learn how to use branding principles to achieve more sales success and turn customers into loyal supporters for Brand You.

Crucial Conversations

There are two types of crucial conversations in business: inspirational, motivational conversations that around bad news such as downsizing, poor performance, etc. This talk/workshop will show you how to use framing, empathy, story, and new research on negotiation techniques to be successful in these conversations.

Speaking Topics:

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