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Cara Brookins, speaker

Cara Brookins

    • The mom who built her own house using YouTube tutorials
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$10,000 - $15,000

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2018 Speaker Reel

2018 Speaker Reel

TEDx - How To Build a Life Without Limits

TEDx - How To Build a Life Without Limits

Cara Brookins is best known as "the mom who built her own house using YouTube tutorials". She is a keynote speaker and the author of eight books, including Rise, How a House Built a Family, which tells the story of building her 3500 square foot home [with the help of her four children] by watching YouTube videos. Cara's story went viral in more than 75 countries and has been viewed more than two billion times, and Rise has now been optioned to become a major motion picture. Cara's programs inspire audiences everywhere to achieve extraordinary goals

Build a Bigger Future

It was an incredibly big leap to build a house by watching YouTube tutorials, with a handful of teenagers and a toddler as her crew – but Cara Brookins did it anyway. As a result, she and her family learned that the only way to change your path is to shock yourself and everyone around you into a bigger vision of who you are and what you’re capable of doing.

Cara knows how difficult it is to step outside your comfort zone and take on enormous new responsibilities. And in order to succeed, she knows how vital it is to develop strategies that keep your energy focused and your mind engaged.

Using stories and photos of her unconventional construction site, Cara challenges audiences to look past restrictive boundaries. Audience members will learn to resist the urge to shrink goals – even when life and work present enormous hurdles.

Motivate your team to leap towards their challenges, and maintain positive momentum through disappointments, until they reach success. Attendees will learn to:

• Reach for extraordinary goals
• Develop fearless determination
• Replace limiting beliefs
• Manage high-pressure situations
• Build your best self
• Maintain positive attitudes
• Brush off failures
• Embrace new perspectives
• Take immediate action


Build Outstanding Leaders – Leading from the Trenches

Leaders at every level will identify outdated methods and learn to create more dynamic and engaged teams by embracing a new leadership mindset. A detailed view from the trenches (muddy, house foundation trenches in this case) illustrates how subtle behavioral shifts will build an environment of comfortable interaction and communication with your team.

Businesses have gone through more rapid and profound changes in the past five years than ever before. Adjusting your leadership style to new paradigms is essential, but can also be confusing. This presentation provides a fresh view of human interaction and goal setting to inspire bold changes.

Your leaders deal with high-take decisions at every turn, and their success is only possible with a cohesive team. This look at how even the most unlikely teams can conquer unimaginable odds, with a solid leadership plan, will change the way you live and work.

This program will build powerful leaders who will take on enormous challenges with the confidence that their team will be fully engaged and supportive. Attendees will learn to:

• Identify professional roadblocks
• Maintain high-performance teams
• Increase team engagement
• Set and achieve massive goals
• Encourage bold action
• Embrace new perspectives
• Lead a varied team confidently
• Learn to lead from the trenches


Build Productive Habits – End Procrastination and Get More Done

Everyone’s schedules are overwhelmed with demands today. We work longer hours at the office and face higher demands at home. We’re always connected, always on, and in a constant state of having too much to do. Cara’s strategies for getting more done in less time will get you to the bottom of your must-do list and on to your love-to-do-it list.

Using real-life examples from the construction site of the house she built with her kids,
Cara shows her productivity methods in action. These methods work because they are based on professional studies on the way human minds pay attention. With a few easy steps, you’ll reach bigger goals in less time.

These simple, new strategies will change the way you live, giving you more time for the things you enjoy the most.

This program will help high-performing adults maintain focus and motivation while reaching for complex goals. Attendees will learn to:

• Set up layers of goals
• Maintain motivation
• Increase focus
• Set and achieve massive goals
• Understand attention span
• Embrace lessons of setbacks
• Create a high-performance culture
• Persevere through challenges


Build High-Performance Teams – Collaborating for More Effective Solutions

If your team members are inching toward small goals using careful, proven methods, you’re stuck yards behind and need a huge mindset shift to leap ahead. This program will teach you to identify the things holding you back and adopt a new way of reaching your goals.

Dynamic teams can produce dramatically better results than individuals – but it’s easy to get frustrated if everyone is working out of sync. Improving team culture will
re-energize and empower every member.

Building a house from scratch with her four kids (two boys and two girls), by watching YouTube tutorials, was an incredible lesson in team culture. Cara’s family was barely able to communicate when they began, but by the end, they could practically read each other’s minds. Discovering their weaknesses and highlighting their strengths pulled them through the toughest tasks.

Using real-life examples from the construction site with her kids, a team ranging from seventeen to two years old, Cara challenges audiences to take advantage of the wide range of skills and temperaments of a diverse team.

This program helps teams overcome challenges and think more creatively about processes outside their everyday tasks in order to set larger goals and imagine innovative ways to achieve them.

Attendees will learn how to:

• Identify professional roadblocks
• Understand the value of big goals
• Discover the power of a varied team
• Stay confident through challenges
• Develop fearless determination
• Discover the importance of attitude
• Maintain high-performance teams
• Increase team energy level

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