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Al Borowski, Communication Skills Speaker

Al Borowski

    Professor of Positivity
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$7,500 and Under

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Al Borowski Speaks

Al Borowski Speaks

Al Borowski: Discover The Most Important Power Tool in Your Sales Tool Box! Let Communication Skills Expert, Al Borowski bring Fun, Wisdom, and Value to Your Events. 

He is a published author, speaker, and trainer who speaks at conventions, conferences, and meetings. The Professional Convention Managers Association (PCMA) designated Al as a Best in Class Speaker. 

Al Borowski works with a select group of business professionals who view the Communication Skills of their sales people and employees as a valuable and measurable corporate asset. 

He is a member of the National Speakers Association where he received their highest earned designation, Certified Speaking Professional. 
Al has trained more than 25,000 participants as a seminar leader for The American Management Association, Dun & Bradstreet, Penn State University, Robert Morris University, and the Indiana University Executive Development Program.

To book Al Borowski call Executive Speakers Bureau at 800-754-9404.

The Most Important Power Toolin Your Leadership Tool Box 
Would you like to own a tool that helps you control or influence outcomes when dealing with your clients, vendors, members, speakers, and contractors? Would you like to own a tool that helps you discover information that helps you “get on the same wave length” with others? This program reveals how to get to the root of a problem without hassle, embarrassment, or frustration for you or others. Doing so helps prevent misunderstandings that waste time, money, and effort. Discover how to save time during information gathering and problem solving. You will become aware of signals that will help you understand the whole message, not just what the words seem to indicate. And you will learn specific strategies that ensure you create Win-Win situations and build trust. And, when you have mastered this Power Tool, you will have learned the most effective method of handling angry people. 

Shooting From the Hip Sometimes Causes Self-inflicted Wounds 
If you shoot from the hip when you present in front of an audience, you never know where or when you will get wounded.  Yes, I know what you’re thinking.  I’ve given plenty of presentations. I prepare and practice. I know how to use PowerPoint and my laser pointer.   Think about all the conventions, conferences, and meetings you sat through where event leaders, respected guests, and even invited speakers were underwhelming, even when they could confidently profess the facts in the previous paragraph. This program reveals five key strategies for making your presentation memorable. (For the right reasons) You will be exposed to Presentation Killers you definitely want to avoid. And, you will go through 20 Rapid Fire Tips for keeping you and your audience members connected.  Don’t gamble with your reputation or your confidence. Discover the secrets professional speakers use to make your events interesting, valuable, and fun.

Stop Blaming Business Writing -That’s Not the Problem
Stop blaming Business Writing for poor results and wasted time with written messages. Your writing isn’t the problem.  Most people already know how to write. Most people have had eight, twelve, or maybe sixteen years of education in learning how to write.  The real problem is that very, very few people have ever had any training in how to correctly and successfully EDIT.  Editing is where the real power is.  This program will show you a simple, systematic technique to take your 24 word sentences down to 14 words. In the process, you will make your messages clearer, more concise, and more effective.  Your reputation, time and, results are screaming for this program.   Remember what Mark Twain said?  “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got.”  Leave your old writing habits behind and move forward with a new approach to written success – Power Editing.

Win – Win – Win…A Better Customer Service Model
If you want to retain and gain attendees, members, and clients, you need to exceed their expectations. Clients now expect more than customer service or customer satisfaction. They want more. They want Customer Care. When your focus is only on customer service, your clients might tell others, “Yes, I’ve done business with them.” When your focus is only on customer satisfaction, they might say, “I’ve never had any problems with them.” With the Win-Win-Win Model, your clients will say, “I love working with them.” From this highly interactive program, you will take away a three-step strategy to help you turn attendees, members, and clients into your best form of advertising. You will also learn the Titanium Rule of Customer Care. For Customer Care workshops, please review the elements of what you can expect from an Al Borowski workshop.

Presentation Skills for Key People
You have a great message to share or important material to cover. How do you deliver it with the impact that will get you results? Forget the overhead projector. Don’t waste time creating computer-generated slides. Skip the worry of whether the LCD projector will work. This program shows you how to get more impact from your presentation using live props – you and your audience. Let life replace boring data or mind numbing bullet points and transitions. Your knowledge and wisdom, along with the experiences your audience brings to the presentation, provide a gold mine full of presentation nuggets. Tap the natural resources that provide a wealth of powerful, memorable energy and excitement for your topic. Send your audience off with a message that gets them thinking, acting or performing the way you intended. As a bonus of this program, you receive a Speaker’s Checklist to reference each time you plan a presentation.

E-mail-It’s Here To Stay So Learn To Do It The Right Way 
Because business e-mail accounts for more business communication each day, writing business e-mails means more than paying attention to e-mail etiquette. Are you aware that the e-mails you send on your company’s computers could be interfering with your next raise or promotion? Are you aware that one e-mail you send could cost you your job or your career? Do you know what e-mail discrimination is and how you might be affected by it? Any time you send an e-mail on your company’s computers, your image, your results, and your security are at risk. E-mail etiquette or e-mail netiquette is the minimum you need to focus on. This program reveals the correct way to use writing techniques, structure, and graphics to create electronic messages that save you time, get you better results, and make you look brilliant.

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